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Wednesday, June 20

Plump, you said?

 (picture coming, Wednesday night)

Plump delicious plums, pears or what have you is not what I chose for this week. Ha. As it is, I've really wanted to go back and complete my initial Opera illustration so that's what I'll be working on. Sure, she's plump but, wow, those hamster vocals will blow you away! :)

In the meantime what did you plump out for this challenge? Can't wait to check later. Thank you.


Wednesday, June 13

3-Coloured Challenge (Details)

Wednesday evening update: Scribble Picnicers, as you can see, I've not yet completed my piece and actually have only barely begun drawing it. Unfortunately, we had some unexpected news to contend with yesterday which has rather taken my mojo, if you will, so I do apologize. My hope is that perhaps I can submit it here later, maybe tomorrow? Not sure currently. For now, being 10:30 pm here, it's probably best I just get some sleep!

As it is, go glad to see a few of you here. Always good visiting. It seems that this "compelling" challenge turned out to be perhaps too much of the latter though for many of us? Again, my miscalculation. I'd far rather inspire us all to go further than stop in ones tracks or feel overwhelmed. I suppose sometimes things are unnecessarily more complicated than need be. Well, at least the next theme, PLUMP, should be easier, I hope. Hmm, let's find out next week, shall we?  

Oh, and if I get back to the 3-coloured piece (which could end up quite fun), I'll be sure to let each of you know. Thanks again, team!


Scribble Picnickers, our next challenge is to create any picture you want but only employing three colours! These examples from the German artist/designer, Christoph Niemann, are a case in point.

Note that you can use white for negative space, so if including that, you could potentially have up to four "colours" or three if using only two colours for the piece itself. If doing watercolours or such, shades of any one colour are also fine. The general idea though is for us to think how we can depict something with a very limited colour palette.

One of the potentially compelling things here, is how the negative space (background colour) can potentially interplay with your image, adding extra emphasis than it might otherwise enjoy.

Hope this inspires you? If you are still stuck, I've added a few other samples in the Scribble Picnic Pinterest board. Can't wait to see what we all create. Sign up below when ready.

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