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Thursday, April 20

Scribble Picnic: Ladder Sign Up

Submerged Treasures: Where there's a will there's a way!

UPDATE: My drawing is finally done! Here's my contribution for this week...to be coloured in later! As I perused pictures of ladders this weekend, it occurred to me that almost all of them show someone climbing up/ascending them but rarely does one see anyone climb DOWN them... And so, here comes Snorkeling Sammie Pool Dog to the rescue!

This Clever but cheeky little pup has finally figured out a way to reach all those toys he's missed catching. More serious measures are in order! :) 

Thanks for joining our picnic. Let's see who's managed to work up (or down) a LADDER this week! :)  Sign up below...


Wednesday, April 12

Scribble Picnic: Rabbit

You're invited... to join us at Scribble Picnic! My take on this week's theme ventures down the RABBIT hole into Alice in Wonderland.

For any of you who have might have watched my last post's video, did you guess what the plaque would say? Probably not. :) That's OK. In fact, I debated about just showing my own version of the white rabbit but then thought adding a sign could make for a fun, if not unique, party invite too. And of course, especially useful for tea parties and such — not that anyone really throws those around here but, hey, maybe such cards would sell? (I'm thinking about offering these and seeing if anyone likes their novelty, if nothing else.) As for all things Tea, I'm doing my best, converting one person at a time here. I mean, look at Alexandra*! Before I met her she never had ever enjoyed tea's wonders, and now you won't find her make it through a day without at least a few cuppas. Ha-ha.

My favourite part drawing this? Scribbling frenetically the swirly lines, insinuating that marvelous Wonderland wackiness and English-like eccentricity. So, how about you? Time to show us what YOU did. Thank you for joining in... and, last but not least, HAPPY (early) EASTER to you all, whether you celebrate it, do anything at all, or not! Personally, I love everything about Easter even though, admittedly, I won't be having any eggs (albeit for the small bag of Cadbury's robin eggs already purchased) and we won't be making any big meal, especially since we don't eat ham, beef or lamb and not even sure who can come over anyway. At this rate, it might just be cinnamon rolls at lunch time! :P

*Speaking of the gal, do you know she never was given an Easter basket or eggs growing up or as an adult until I gave her one?! Speaking of that, this will be the first year I'm not making Easter baskets for anyone. Whoa.

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