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Wednesday, July 19

Ladybirds and bugs are welcome at Scribble Picnic!

Another bug collector of sorts — this one far more lovely... and utilitarian. While obviously not owning any ladybug/ladybird buttons or embroidered edging, not even any socks with such fun, I'm sure some of you do, right? Well, regardless, the picnic blankets and tables here are laid. Time to show us your own cheery bug collection...

P.S. BTW, the "fill-in-the-blank" challenge was a huge success and actually garnered the most curiosity and views (close to 500) I've had here! So, how about we do that again? The variety of interpretations from a simple dot and line were fascinating, don't you think? I wonder what you'd do with a blob-like shape perhaps? Hmmm.


Tuesday, July 11

Scribble Picnic's Fill-in-the-Blank Challenge! (Sign up)

For the next Scribble Picnic theme, your challenge is to take the above shape and fill in the blank! That is: imagine what this dot and line might be part of for a larger image. Any ideas? Feel free to download the image above and/or trace directly from the screen or you could simply redraw it but please keep the relative size of the dot and line to each other to what you see above. Thank you.

You know, you could simply print this image out and then draw in the rest of the diagram or even cut and paste it into some created collage. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and finally, feel free to change the colour from black to whatever you like. 

Still stuck? Well, to make sure it wasn't too hard, I worked on various possible shapes until coming up with this one and then gave the challenge to myself and Alexandra to quickly render something that incorporated it. Here are just a few very quick examples but, of course, you'll probably want to spend longer on it, and as you'll note, the shape can also be rotated to whatever you prefer.

It's going to be really interesting seeing how each of you interpret this, don't you think? Maybe we'll even get a glimpse into your psyche... sort of like a Rorschach test but where you get to add to it. So, have fun and be creative!

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