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Wednesday, February 22

Scribble Picnic: Octopus!

Welcome to our very first Picnic! I'm super excited who joins in here and who else might prefer to post to Instagram or Twitter (using #scribblepicnic and tagging me @dotty_hill).

Here's my entry above. This lil' octo is pleasantly and bewilderingly surprised to have popped out of the water, finding a rubber ducky atop his head. Will it become his water born "teddy-bear" of sorts? Will they go on lots of adventures together? Will someone on that ship afar take a photo of this most extraordinary scene? Ooh, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for joining in and do please leave a comment if you've entered for the giveaway, letting me know exactly which ways you've helped promote this new art collective so I can be sure to enter you the correct number of times. Someone is going to have their very own little picnic with these fabulous offerings (and I might even throw in a few freebie art pieces too). I will be sure to post back here in a few days to let you know the lucky winner and before then, visiting each of you. :)


Tuesday, February 21

Scribble Picnic Kickoff!
"Octopus" due Wednesday with Blogger Sign up.

Scribble Picnic, the new art co-op for doodlers and artists alike, is taking off! Today is the official kick-off. Time to pull out your sketchbooks, pencils, markers, i-Pads or what have you. We've got exactly one week to come up with something fun for our first theme, Octopus!

Please post your work and sign up here on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd. The sign up will be under my completed art piece posted then. (And of course, if you prefer to simply post to social media, just use #scribblepicnic and be sure to tag me @dotty_hill so I and others can find your creative dish on Instagram or Twitter.)

I hope you're excited to join the picnic and meet some others along the way. I know I am! As you can see here, I've already started creatively exploring just how to depict this theme. Hmm.. well, what can I say? Dealing with eight legs can get quite interesting, to say the least!

P.S. Be sure to let me know just what options you took from my giveaway promo challenge so I can enter you into the drawing the correct number of times. Thank you for playing along and good luck!
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