Thursday, June 9

Sip and Savour

Yesterday, after a tiring day at work, I met a friend at a newly opened bakery café. After ordering his stout made from the new microbrewery across the way, the cashier asked what I was having. To her apparent astonishment, I informed her that actually I don't like the taste or smell of beer! Amused, Mike piped in, "Well, he doesn't like camping or being out in the summer sun either!" Her cheeky reply? "Why are you in Colorado then?!" I had to chuckle, but it's true that this town has more microbreweries per capita than anywhere else in America, competing for that mantle with about one or two other places in the States. It goes without saying that if someone invites you out, invariably the rote suggestion is yet another bar or brewery. (It's akin to how one always hears the obligatory Lynyrd Skynyrd here.) We are a college town too which certainly doesn't help there either.

Whenever hearing such expectations, quietly a part of me kind of deflates inside. It's not that I terribly mind others enjoying beer (within moderation), mind you, rather, it's the seeming lack of imagination, or perhaps more so, variety of social suggestions! (After all, I never automatically assume everyone is going to be gung-ho to come do tea or coffee with me, for example.) Surely, there are some other people more akin to another culture, as it were, as the propensity of coffee shops around here also suggests? But yes, I do understand that for many there's nothing like "a cold one," especially when it's hot outside like it was today (95 F/35 C). In that case though, I'd far prefer cold water or coffee on ice, thank you! :) 

With all that said, do you ever feel like just putting your feet up, stopping for a while and taking a break or perhaps a more reflective muse... but with most likely a cuppa in hand instead? Well, now you can illustrate that with Creative Tuesdays' new theme, TIME FOR TEA (or COFFEE)! There are so many ways one can depict this. We'll raise our mugs to creativity then and explore this idea further. The fun will be coming back on Tuesday, June 21st, to see how just how we all do that. :) 

Fellow artists, breathe in, sip from your imagination, savour, and enjoy.

P.S. I'm loving the comments over on CT form this theme. Great feedback and nice to know we are not alone! :)