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Wednesday, February 6

Scribble Picnic Market

(Drawing updated)

Tuesday felt like Spring, a welcome relief from the bitter cold many of us have felt on this side of the world anyway! It got me thinking of a project I have coming up for a Spring Market and this represents my first very rough sketch doodled up that evening. If I go this direction, I'll fine tune it but you get the idea.

Now, what kind of picnic goodie would go well with this? Perhaps a cheese and tomato sandwich...with the crusts cut off, of course. :)

Can't wait to see what the rest of you do!



  1. Michael,

    Yep, it's feeling like spring in our neck of the woods until Friday and then bam Old Man Winter is going to blast us again. It'll be a short one, I hope, but after these warm temperatures it's going to such a cruel joke played by Mother Nature. Well...she's a woman what can I say, she's always up to no good! lol The water can with the spring flowers is lovely and I can't wait to see the cheery faces of little flowers bursting forth from their winter slumber. The daffodills usually begin to pop around here toward the end of February with the tulips not too far behind. Oh happy days! Thanks for hosting the artastic fun! Have a good one, my friend!

  2. Lovely market flowers Michael! Crusts cut off, cute!

  3. That's a great design Michael :) I love the fence at the bottom! The colours are very springy too. We had some rain, then snow, rain again by week end, then back to the deep freeze, makes me really wish spring arrives soon. I get cabin fever this time of year!

  4. Oh...yes, tomato and cheese with just a touch of mayo for me! :) Maybe some cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches with chives, crusts off too of course!!

  5. Looks like we all had similar ideas regarding markets today! Of course it's just about impossible to not love a market, especially outdoor versions on a bright morning once winter has gone!
    Fresh offerings are piled high just asking to be tossed in our basket or bag (no plastic please!) and transported home to make a delicious meal. I could bake a crustless veggie quiche to bring to the picnic!
    Michael, love your watering can, and that little red cardinal perched in the fence caught my eye. Flowers at the markets are always lovely - one knows they are fresh picked from gardens or farms - and your can makes a beautiful vase.
    Good luck with upcoming projects - and I'm wondering if you and Alex are traveling right now!
    Warm hugs - going to hit high 70's here today(sorry Rain!) - spring is not far off and my daffodils are blooming!!!
    Mary x

  6. Well, here I am again ... your problem child. Of course, in my rush to get to the Raptor Center yesterday, I forgot to post. And, of course, when I realized it this morning, Linky had expired. I have posted on my blog and you are welcome to visit me. When I started Google this morning there was a page of warnings that they are no longer going to support Google plus and certain widgets. I sure hope that isn't going to effect our blogs ... do you know anything about it? Anyway, I apologize for being such a scatter brain. Seems there is just too much happening in my life for me to keep track of it all. I will try to do better :(
    And, not forgotten, your flowers in the watering can from the market are delightful and really don't come across as a rough sketch. I would love to hear about your "Spring Market" plans. We have farmers Markets every spring and summer and it is wonderful to get fresh fruits and vegetables plus there are always a few arts and craft booths ... My market pictures are from Chiang Mai ... the Sunday Night Street Market ... that was a Market to end all Markets. Blocks and blocks of booths selling everything you could imagine ... even a booth for foot message (you can bet I took advantage of that :). It was very crowded because of the coming of the Chinese New Year(Many tourists), but it was still a sight to behold. Sorry again, Micheal ... until 2/20 when I hope I will make it on time :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. Missing you here - come back to us soon dear!
      OMG I recall the Chiang Mai night market so well also - and all the fascinating markets I visited in Thailand and Vietnam - they were truly awesome. Did you ever visit the one outside Bangkok, Maeklong Railway Market,where the passenger train comes through and everything has to be moved off the tracks in a heartbeat as the train doesn't even slow down! Never ever seen anything such as that before or since!
      Thanks far stopping by and commenting on my artichokes.
      Mary -