Thursday, May 14


Anyone who truly knows Alexandra, knows she is the very definition of the title above. Just being around her, one would never realise the number of horrific life experiences she's not only survived but truly overcome. Some she's shared, some she's not been able to...yet, all the while longing to model for others that they too can be overcomers. Rather than becoming defined and ruined by her past (or present), she's learned that with self-will, determination and a faith in things to come, the sky's the limit!

Sometimes the road's been dark with little support along the way but even then through it all she's found a way to keep pressing on in spite of the circumstances. In fact, it was this very quality of hers that unexpectedly came into my life at my lowest dejected point which slowly provided me the example I needed to rebuild my hope and find my own pure grit determination to keep on going in spite of the utter loneliness and heartache I myself was in the midst of. Just like she's now doing with her brother (currently living with us), she believed in me when I didn't believe in my own strength to survive, never having imagined finding myself unexpectedly thrust into such a desperately dark night of the soul. It was overwhelming, long, agonizing and arduous with a myriad of deep losses and set backs but, you know, look where things are now! Not only can I truly smile again, I've discovered my perfect complimentary match! Even now when dealing with the pain of residue loss, Alexandra continually shows me her own example of not being held back by life, or others, for that matter.

From being strangers in the art world, to acquaintances, to friends, to praying confidants, to years later starting to actually date when I took that tentative plunge, needing to love again, we were engaged within half a year and now here we are married for just over 18 months. Through it all, I've come to learn that not only does Alex have my back but she truly is a woman of genuine vision, strength, courage and admiration. It is with those same qualities that she finally received on Tuesday her 2 yr. Associates degree (majoring in Psychology), graduating Magna Cum Laude, Phi Theta Kappa, and crazily enough, also going to be recognised as the school's "most successful scholar of the year!" I write all this to show that, like her, we ALL can do far more than we imagine if we can only learn to see it that way ourselves. Faith is the cornerstone.

Perhaps for some, an Associates in your 40's may not seem that exemplary itself but when considering the obstacles getting there, it is no small wonder. You see, Alexandra has had to drop out of college 4 times along the way. The first was shortly after high school when enrolled in university she chose to leave to take care of her devastated father during her parents' proceeding divorce. A few years afterwards, she was back in college only to then again be sidelined, this time by a serious liver tumour (another side affect of her upbringing), requiring surgery and a lengthy recovery.

After returning to school once more, now to a different campus in Illinois, she slowly worked her way up to being just about a semester shy of graduating with her bachelor's when life again took an unexpected blow with her family. Knowing a drastic change of life and scenery was in order, she started applying for jobs within her company elsewhere, eventually transferring here to Colorado, a place she had never been to before, other than for her interview. (Mind you, if Alex had known that the company would not uphold their written promises allowing her the flexible schedule to complete her degree, she would never have come out here! And so, again she found herself having to put college on hold.) Buoyed though by what seemed like a promising job and the chance to truly break free from a toxic family environment, she made the jump to head out west, not really knowing anyone and giving away almost everything she owned to drive here with only what she could fit into her car.

With her work far from what was presented to her and losing old credits with each passing year, she bravely finally quit her job with nothing else lined up, deciding to once more take the plunge and go back to school, hoping perhaps to find some work on campus. When her paperwork was mishandled in the transfer and with it her school aid, she could have decided to just give up on her dream of pursuing higher education altogether but while tempted, she did not.

As many of you know, Alexandra did manage to re-enroll in college, full time no less, but all that suddenly ended with the horrendous car accident she was in where she once more had to drop out of school (losing her job too) and taking incompletes in order to heal physically and mentally. (Thank God we were recently married by then or I'm not sure how she would have survived otherwise, being unable to continue paying rent with a roommate as done before.)

Over the summer, she began slowly making up her incomplete grades and last Fall also enrolled part-time online, finding herself still unable to handle a full course load, let alone now with no car to get there anyway. Through all this though, she dug deep, found her ingenuity, and delved into her art as able, selling works along the way while finishing up her studies this semester to end up where's she's at now: on the mends and, yes, finally graduated! :D I couldn't be more thrilled for her. In her own struggles, I've repeatedly witnessed Alexandra's resolve, force of character, positive affirmations, love given freely to those around her, and that brilliant hope in a brighter day even when sometimes again tempted to give in.

At least from my perspective, this might as well have been a doctorate in overcoming. Her concentration then is surely inspiration! (It is in my book.) And so, here we are once more, another chapter closes and begins in life's unexpected but incredible journey — this one shared.



  1. Thrilled beyond thrilled for you Alexandra. I know Michael had a big part in your journey. Love you both. Blessings and God's best for your bright future.

  2. That's brilliant and best wishes for the future!

  3. people give up easier than you think but I'm glad Alexandra made it. I am amaze at her affords to continue her education and to have to continue and stop so many times, it's hard. I don't think I could have done it but I'm very glad for her. this is a good tribute to Alexandra and her resilience.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Your Alexandra is a true inspiration! I love her blog and reading these lovely words from you just confirm what a beautiful person she is inside and out! Congratulations to Alexandra on graduating and congratulations to you both for finding happiness!

    1. Thank you, Clare! Alex has shown me before your incredible miniature work and I have to say, it blows us away. Nice to officially meet you, as it were!

  5. Tears in my eyes at this triumph! Congratulations to Alexandra! And Michael, you are a wonderful husband, together you are a great team! Alexandra's journey is so inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, Michael and nice to meet you too Alexandra.
    Thank for sharing your heartfelt story. I related to your story on many levels.
    I'll just share a happy time.
    After meeting my wonderful second hubby, we were engaged and married within six months. And I'm more in love than ever after 11-years of marriage. :-D

  7. thank you for those of you who took the time to write a comment here. It means a lot to have a supportive artistic community (and others) to encourage us in our various journeys. :)

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring tribute to Alexandra. I have read a bit about her past and marvel at how she has been able to move forward with such a positive outlook. How great that you both support, love and care for each other. Hope is powerful.

  9. Congratulations Alexandra for graduating :) what a great achievment. You are absolutely right Michael Person can achieve anything when they put their minds to do it. My mother also finished college as an adult just few years before I was born.