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Sunday, March 27

Wishing You Hope in the Midst of Life

"Beautiful" (Acoustic Version) by Mali Music (Lyrics) | Live | Video

Happy Easter, everyone! Did any of you decorate Easter Eggs? We did! Can't wait to show you but will tell you more about that later when posting my Creative Tuesdays entry.

Until then, wishing each of you a beautiful day. With so many facing such dire circumstances that truly break my heart, it's important to take the time to soak in and reflect on those more intangible gifts of life we have that bring newness, hope and love.

Like this song says too, I'm thankful for those of you who have supported me in any way you may have over these years, whether that's been remotely through encouragement in an art co-op or in prayer and good wishes, or for anyone I've had the opportunity to know and be blessed by. It's not just family or friends, mind you, it's also those special people working as baristas, bringing smiles each day, or simply those at work who take time out of their busy days to acknowledge the worth of others. I'm reminded too of those like our friend, Nathan, who is overcoming homelessness, working hard, trying to help his mom, holding faith and setting an example for the rest of us of a life worth living.

Every example with moments like these is truly beautiful and I cherish them deeply. Thank you.


  1. Wonderful post to read on Easter morning Michael and might I say you and Alexandra are beautiful people inside and out!

    1. AWWwwwwwww!Wishing you a wonderful day, Christina, with your family. :) thank you for being such a consistent support here. i know both of us appreciate you more than you may realise. :)

  2. A beautiful post, Michael. Happy Easter to you and Alexandra. :-)

    1. Thank you for the visit, Tracy. Looking forward to seeing whatever you do for CT?
      I hope yours was good, Tracy. Alex had some injury related pains so we've been recovering today. Good overall though. :)

  3. GOod morning Michael! It sure is nice to see you again after having "met" you on my blog when you visited. Your page is bright and full of the British beauty I've come to enjoy even more through blogging friends. YES, we are blessed in no matter what circumstances as long as we BELIEVE in the power of love from above and what is in us.

    I wish you a lovely spring and joyful season of creativity! Anita

  4. This really is a beautiful song. Ever since you played this the other night, it's been in the back of my mind softly "playing". One of the many things I love about you is your compassionate heart for those around you. You. Amaze. Me.


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