Saturday, April 1

Michael rows these boats ashore...

All rights reserved and all artwork copyrighted by each artist. "Boat" theme examples (from top down, left to right, column by column):
Christine | Alexandra | Cassie @beet&baguette | Lissa (rainswept) | joeks
Wanda 1&2 | Janis Cox | Tammie 1&2
Linda (dots n' doodles) 1&2 | Andrea (Falling Ladies) | Joni @popartminis
Mary (TravelBrit) | Heather @babywanderlove | Me | Hannah McCown | Lorraine

This last week's BOAT theme is worth another visit. From banana-splits to walnut boats to actual fabric designs, there was a lot of variety this go around and 3 artists didn't link here but posted to Instagram instead. (I've included their links above since everyone else posted on the sign up, should you've not had a chance to visit others yet.)

Thanks again to each of you who played along and for any shout outs to this art collective along the way. I really enjoy reading your posts and for many of you, it's actually a great chance for me to catch up on your blogs too. Some are quite prolific, after all! :) 

For all featured here, you've already earned one of up to four entries possible before the next fun picnic giveaway! Why do these? Well, aside from being perhaps the nudge someone needs to join in and get scribbling, it's also a chance to celebrate and encourage others which I especially love to do! And you know, it's fun having an excuse to shop around, supporting our local stores whilst trying to figure out what each of you might like...especially when Alexandra and I aspire to live such a Marie Kondo decluttered designed life!

It's going to be super interesting seeing what's created for Grandfather Clock. The only image that currently comes to mind, funnily enough, is the clock all alone on a planet, a la the obelisk scene from 200I: A Space Odyssey! Ha-ha, no, I'm not planning to do another space theme again anytime soon. Perhaps reviewing the Scribble Picnic Pinterest board might lead to other novel ideas though? Hmmm... We shall see!

See you back here on Wednesday! :)



  1. Thanks so much for this beautiful collage, see you Wednesday!

  2. Love the boat collage. What a wonderful array of boats. Each one has it own special flavor ~~no pun intended. HaHa. Thanks again for hosting. It's a lot of fun, and I'm already working on my "clock". I was able with Christine's help to finally get my Scribble Picnic Badge on my sidebar. Yeah.

  3. I love the boat collage! Nice work, everyone! Wish I'd been able to participate. By the way, I am also into the Marie Kondo decluttering methods...have the book and have already implemented a lot of it too. :)

  4. So lovely to see them all together! What a great group of artists!

  5. This is a SUPER fun collage...I know it takes you quite a bit of time but it's so worth it when finished. We have a great group going here! Thank you, mooks. :)

  6. Thank you! Not sure how many saw this but it's fun, months from now, to perhaps go back here and be quickly reminded of what we all did.