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Wednesday, August 16

Flower Beds at midnight

Mistress of the Night Garden (work in progress) 
This is currently still a work in progress to give you an idea where I'm going with it. All along, I've had this idea of showing a gothic type garden of sorts where the flowers chosen are ones that are actually dark in colour, often illuminating deep blues and purples in the moonlight, and so on.

I've often thought finding such a garden would be so unique! And you know me — always have to to push that creative envelope. So, when this piece is completed, there will be Black Irises, Black Pearl Calla Lillies, Nigra dark maroon Hollyhocks and this pensive lady will be holding her favourites: Gladioli Black Stars. It's just begging for a PBS/BBC Mystery Masterpiece Theatre, isn't it? Of course, they'd have to pay me for art direction! :)

OK, time to step out from this eclipse and into our growing Scribble Picnic wonderland. Speaking of which, I wonder what you've cultivated in your flower beds?

P.S. For your "Fill in the Blank" challenge next week, the shape to use is shown above in the windows. Can you see it? Please be sure to employ at least one square with an "X" in it! The possibilities are endless — anything from wallpaper to treasure maps!

Wednesday, August 9

Buttoned Up for Scribble Picnic!

Do you remember getting into your mother's or father's big grown-up clothes? Actually, I never did (Dad was overseas and I wasn't interested in Mama's), but I wonder if Mr. Rogers' kids' ever snuggled into one of his infamous cardigans? Hmm...Well, this chummy lil' guy is certainly all buttoned up and ready to go to this week's Scribble Picnic, regardless. You know, it's been positively Autumnal around here these last few days....and I'm loving it!

(BTW, if you haven't seen it already and are interested, you can now check out my finished, coloured version of Bear's Bare Cuts. Hope you like it.)

OK, time to show us what YOU buttoned! Sign up below...

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