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Wednesday, June 28


Picnickers, watch out for your sandwiches! That old sly fox is out and about, ready to pick off whatever you leave around. He's not picky, you know?

I had fun scratching in lines for this in the background. In fact, I started with covering it all in an orange and then scribbling vertical yellow lines from top to bottom to get that feeling of bristle hair. After almost finishing this piece though, I decided it was lacking depth, so added the dark brown to the top and the right where his left shoulder might be. Of course, that meant re-scribbling yellow and now orange lines above it. This was all done at a very frenetic pace with me working fast and furiously, really focusing my passions on each of the 100s, if not 1000s of strokes! I wanted this to be quite impressionistic yet somehow stylized regally, making his nose very long and straight, adding a glorious white mane, if you will, and so on.

Happy with the overall results (although it could always be better), I'm planning to offer this as a 6"x4" card in my shop at some latter point. Oh, and kudos if you can find my signature! (Hint: it's scrawled in red.)

OK, time now to stop skulking about! Grab your goodies and come join me down the fox hole to see who or what else we might discover...

P.S.  It's way past time to do another give-away so be sure to sign up! Don't worry though, I'm keeping track. Reminder: you get one entry per theme entered since last giveaway and, remember, there are other ways to increase your chances too! Maybe you will be that lucky sly fox this time around? :) Check back here later for some details on the prize on hand. Fun! :)


Tuesday, June 20

Scribble Picnic's World of JARS

The Obsession of the Peculiar Masons and their Family Name

[Queue Music]
"There is nothing wrong with your [computer screen]. Do not attempt to adjust the picture..."*

...or so goes the intro to The Outer Limits. If you've not seen that classic old TV show, it's much like the original Twilight Zone. That rather unsettling kind of feeling is what I wanted to portray here, not just with the subject matter but employing off-kilter angles and spacing, perspective, etc. This piece began Monday as a stream of consciousness type drawing with no particular end plan other than to show the strange Jar Collector's collection of other jar collectors' photos.

Time now to sign up and enter the world of creative license...

[Queue Music]
"You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You're [about to] cross over into... [Scribble Picnic]."**

* Excerpt from "The Outer Limits" TV series' 1961 intro.
** Excerpt from "The Twilgiht Zone" TV series' 1959 intro.
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