Tuesday, April 26

Missing Piece: Lil' Monster Surprise!

Suzie never knows what she'll find behind the park fence whenever her mom takes her.

Here's my take this week, created specifically with an online "kidlit" competition* in mind that I'm entering. Wish me luck! 

Thinking on the theme, I thought how perfect to show a fence with open slats in between — you just can't help but try to fill in the missing pieces. It takes imagination, something this girl is obviously very good at. :)

*If, amazingly, my piece is selected, I'll have the opportunity to colour it with 14 other lucky recipients. So, stay tuned. Ooh, I'd so love to get picked and then could show you what I'll do next for this initial offering. Yes, it's likely a long shot, but well worth the challenge. :)

OK, now on to see what other lil' creatures the rest of you Creative Tuesday peeps came up with! I hope you enjoyed this rather unique take on things.


Tuesday, April 12

Creative Tuesdays: Magical Lamp

I picture this being the start of "The Journey of the Magical Lamp" or something like that. It's rather rushed as I was trying out new things with a lot of trial and error. Overall though, as a result, I like the feel of this piece. I didn't want it to seem too scary (for kids) but more a sense of adventure and wonder. Where's the boy going? What's lit up ahead? How does the lamp work when it's unplugged? And so on...

OK, off to visit the rest of you (later tonight). Just leave the light on for me, will ya? :)