Tuesday, February 27

Scribble Picnic's One-of-a-Kind!

There's always gotta be one of them, doesn't there? That class clown! Yes, remembering Serena's dancing flamingos a couple of week's ago led me to conjure up this idea. More rushed than I'd like but you get the idea.

Who among you, I wonder, has embraced your own one-of-a-kind?


Wednesday, February 21

Scribble Picnic's "Fill in the Blank" Week
(stumpy rectangle)

"Bits & Bobs & Spare Parts. RoBoT REpaiR."
It's just one of those days for this lil' robot!

I've wanted to draw up a robot for ages and this shape allowed for the perfect opportunity! Not planning on colouring this one in though, actually — I'm liking it as is with that sort of sketchbook notation type feel.

So, what did you do for stumpy rectangle(s)? Let's find out... Oh, and Robot's brought a bag of Licorice Allsorts by the way — his favourites. But, I should probably tell you to watch out! He's rather known to have a penchant for soaking them in oil beforehand. :)


Friday, February 16

Picture Details for "Fill in the Blank" - due Feb 21st

You Picnic Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill in the rest of the picture, using a rectangle like this. Notice, it's not square but not a long rectangle either. It doesn't have to have a black line and could be filled in but the shape should be close to something like this.

It could be a place mat, TV tray, laptop or such but what do you see? Let's find out on the 21st. See you then! Thanks for playing along.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's. We went and enjoyed hot fudge sundaes from McD's which actually was a such a treat. No Braveheart watched but of those on the ice in Pyeongchang! :)

Wednesday, February 14

Mushy Valentine's Day Scribble Picnics!

"Mushy Peas" — Oh Peas, just kiss me!

Happy Valentine's Day! I know, I know, some note how it's a horribly commercial holiday and all that, but as it is, aren't all the holidays these days, especially Christmas and Halloween? Well, be that as it may, I'm choosing to focus on romance, love and kindheartedness this day (and every day)! How can you go wrong with that? :) Speaking of which, hmm, it might be time to watch again my favourite romantic movie... "Braveheart!" Oh yes, it IS incredibly so! I mean, for one, the protagonist is a brave man fighting for his wife's honour and even Sophie Marceau comes in later as the beautiful lovelorn princess. Oh, and it quite possibly has the most stirring musical score ever. Sigh. OK, time to snap out of it and pull myself back together!

As most of you probably already know, I'm not terribly into doing representational art — it rather leaves my imagination disengaged. This lil' peas of art is rare indeed then! Trouble is, I didn't have any actual peas to look at, so in the end did get to imagine something after all. Aren't they just too sweet? Kind of like my parents' mantra: sometimes in life, you've just got to go for it — you never know how much longer you've got!

Right, now it's your turn to bring something maybe not so mushy, per se, but certainly depicting such. Can't wait to see what everyone's brought. Split pea soup anyone? :)


Tuesday, February 6

Let's Dance through our Scribble Picnics!

You're the one that I want, Snort-snort-snort...!

Can you tell which movie this is inspired by? Yup, "Grease" and that final scene where Sandy came out dressed to impress Danny. I thought it would be funny to do a similar tongue-in-cheek take off as this remarkably awful, English comedic version that actually worked it's way up the charts, no less! All joking aside, back then, I developed quite a crush on Olivia Newton John, let alone wishing I could also slick my hair back like Travolta's. 

In fact, years later, I actually waited outside BBC studios with my best friend, hoping to catch a glimpse of Olivia coming out of her Noel Edmonds interview. We laughed at how silly those teeny-bopper girls were who gathered outside the gates alongside waiting for Paul McCartney, also on the same show. There they stood like Beatlemania had never ended, waving their "I Love Paul" signs and singing various Beatles and Wings songs! Well, never mind, we were mid-teens and more mature... That is, until the gates opened and I actually saw Olivia through the limousine window bundled up in her black coat, a mere 5 feet away or so, looking out and seemingly right at me! She was far more beautiful and feminine in real life than ever on any record album, her smile beaming so gloriously. She was the most beautiful, perfect human being I had ever laid eyes on! I was in love...and she was in her mid 30's. Ha! Something happened right then—I totally snapped and just knew it was now or never or I'd never see her again. As she was whisked away, I dashed off down the road chasing the limousine, shouting her out her name, shrieking and declaring mad love! Oh my gosh, as soon as that limo sped around the corner and out of view, I suddenly realised (in horror) my own lapse of judgment into... fan euphoria! Having to turn to face the crowds, I acted like nothing happened while trying to casually walk back through the throng of schoolgirls all gobsmacked, signs hanging down, as they looked at me so incredulously. "Right, let's go...NOW!' I insisted to Laljie and off we took into the cover of night with me hoping never to be seen again or worse yet, caught on TV cameras and broadcast later on the LWT (London Weekend Television) evening news!

A few years later still, in summer camp, funnily enough, I actually was given the honourary nick name, "John Travolta," due to my spastic dancing whilst impressing an American girl who loved to dance to the Go-Go's (again, totally out of character)! Well, as you can see, dancing and all that entails doesn't exactly jive with my normal relaxed manner, but let's see how it goes for each of you... :)