Monday, November 7

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!"

I plopped in and arrived (at CT) finally! Sorry to keep any of you waiting but as compensation, I've taken extra time doing this piece. It took several hours building up the layers of colour on this one and then erasing out areas, etc. Anyway, I hope you like it. The road is deliberately sort of warped as if everything isn't quite real, yet convincing enough that one can never be too sure.

It's been good seeing who signed up and just to let you know, my niece (and goddaughter), Alice, participated in this week's theme too (while her baby, Genevieve*) is asleep. I love how she's explored that sense of things not being quite as expected with her Narnia cupboard and such. Fun! In that keeping, she even re-activated her old Instagram to put things up. :)

OK, off to bed now, but will visit everyone tomorrow. Currently fighting a cold my last week here in Yorkshire, actually. Here's hoping that goes away before we travel back down to London then up to the Rockies in a week!

*While Alex gets to be a Great Aunty, I'm simply known as "Gummy" (Great Uncle Michael). Haha, love it! :)