Wednesday, November 28

Seasons change

Say, "Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!

Like with this lil' bundled up hedgie, we're ready for the new season. How about you?

As if we haven't already had enough change actually, with our move here to Kentucky from Colorado and all that entailed! Nevertheless, I'm slowly adjusting to a whole new country paradigm, and in the midst of it, new opportunities arise. Alexandra's been literally painting the town white with drawing beautiful winter scenes for 5 of the establishments in our tiny little downtown. It's really looking festive. We're hoping it draws people into the area too to come shop local and explore the quaint little shops in old town. We're doing out bit to help bring new life here, hopefully.

It's slow but steady going and with it, new developments are underfoot. Aside from the branding design agency that's soon to launch with my business partner, Alexandra and I actually have some new venture we're launching soon. I know, I've alluded to it before, but next week, we'll officially announce things so... stay tuned! We're flapping our wings and learning to fly higher through various unseen challenges, obstacles and a fair bit of unexpected. In fact, we're pretty excited about this project.  Can't wait to tell you more...

Now, back to this drawing which ties in to these above developments too. Having figured out an idea and rendered the illustration, I'm handing this off to Alexandra to sprinkle in her own particular charm, painting in the colour, etc. As it is, we often bounce ideas off each other — she'll inspire me  and I'll art direct her pieces or some combination thereof. Creatively, our process really is a match made in heaven. As with that New Year bear drawing/painting a few years back (anyone remember that?), it's fun again to literally both work on an actual piece together where it ends up being truly our shared cozy vision. What can I say? We love winters and the holidays!

So, would you like to see the final piece when it's completed? Want to learn more about our newest venture? Check back here, Sunday, December 2nd, which happens to be our anniversary, by the way. :) Magic is in the air... :)

Speaking of which, let's see how the each of you interpreted this week's theme. Can't wait to discover what you've done. Already having made a few cups of hot chocolate this month, I think we'll bring that along to the picnic here as well. If you're gonna be cold, you might as well enjoy it!


Wednesday, November 14

If you go into the woods today

If a phone rings in the FOREST does it make a call? Here's my evening stroll into this week's Scribble Picnic. I've bought along some cherry pie and a pot of tea, should anyone get cold or need to huddle in that phone booth out of the rain.

Let's see how we all decided to picture this gathering, shall we? Looking forward to seeing what each of you worked up! Thank you so much for playing along. 

P.S. The next prompt is on the side bar. Happy Thanksgiving to any of you here who will be celebrating. Enjoy!

P.P.S. I don't know what happened to the sign up, so I just went ahead and redid it again! It's now extended to Friday 2am EST for all of you out there. I'll come back to see everyone's contribution later then. Hope each of you get to sign up. So sorry about that inconvenience. Oy! But, just think, for any of you not done yet, there's still time! It doesn't have to be complicated. It could just be a relatively quick sketch like this one. Messy is fine. :)