Wednesday, May 16

A Storm's perfect for a picnic!

Oh, we don't mind a spot of stormy weather, now do we? In fact, we rather relish it. That's our challenge for this week's Scribble Picnic, after all. :) So, put your wellies on and let's go splash about in the creative tempests below. I'm thinking a quick cuppa might be in order beforehand. How about you? I dare say though that lil' hedgie here, isn't quite as fond as we might be about such things. Aw, poor lil' fellow.

P.S. BTW, as indicated on the side bar, we have a whole two week break with school over and summer plans beginning for many. By the time this gets posted, I'll be waking up to Alexandra finally back home, her "folks" here and places to take them to around this area. It's actually been quite cold and rainy lately too, but again, I don't mind — it just means it's that brief period of time (a few weeks) when it's weirdly green here in this otherwise arid, rocky, high plains Colorado desert.


Wednesday, May 9

Pass the Strawberry Jam, would you?

What could go better than strawberry anything with a nice Scribble Picnic Spring day? Well, here's my attempt at drawing my teatime snack this (Tuesday) late afternoon. Actually, it was a low sugar, all-natural strawberry spread but I made it look more like a chunky jam and added a bite out of it, just for fun. :)

So, yes, another still life of sorts, and since the last one was so enjoyed, again, a fairly scribbly, looser sketch... although, admittedly, the details on the English muffins took ages. (No wonder I was getting quite nippish all over again by 10:30pm!)

By the way, these are based off some little plates we own — perfect for Tea. Ours though don't actually have the decoration as shown here, added for a further tie-in to the theme.

Anyway, I do so love strawberries, how about you? Can't wait to see what everyone else provides. Thank you!


Wednesday, May 2

Garden tea parties, scribbile picnics & picket fences

Spring is in the air and what goes better than blooms, blossoms and picket fences? This sketch is actually not entirely from imagination as its based off of a photo of one of my favourite homes here in Fort Collins. I've taken some liberties though, such as with the fence in front, table and tea cup but nevertheless, wouldn't this be a fabulous place to celebrate our picnic and show off each others' work? Yes, I thought so. I'm thinking dry climate, low 70's, sunshine, fresh gentle breeze off the foothills... and limeade. Or, somethings stronger for some of you perhaps?  :)

This piece is in dedication to my mother who died last year (May 1st). She loved gardens and particularly relished this style of art — loose and sketchy, done with feeling over perfect accuracy. I dearly missed her today (May 1st) even though in reality she wouldn't be around but all the way across the pond and I probably wouldn't get to see her any time soon anyway. You know what particularly got to me? That I couldn't make her another cup of tea or let her try my instant Cuban coffee as I'm guessing we won't be sipping that in heaven (being perfect and all) but I miss Mama with her foibles and such. As I noted today on one of my Instagram stories, our flaws also make us so compelling and complex. Hers were hilarious, heart warming even, whilst, yes, sometimes maddening too :)

On a brighter note, it's with super expectation that I can announce Alexandra is heading back home on the 15th...finally! She booked the tickets today, in fact, and her folks (mother and new step pops) will join her for the journey, getting to enjoy their very first holiday EVER for either of them! (She will also help them with flying as they've only done it a few times prior, the last times being way pre-9/11.) They've not been to many places and certainly never Colorado so I am looking forward to showing them around a bit. It's been a good, productive and needed visit for Alex and them. I'm so glad she could go, yet, equally, am thrilled to have someone's feet to rub at night have her to take over tea-making responsibilities again, for starts! (Queen LaTEAfar has been sorely missed, let me tell you. Time to wear her crown again for sure.) :D

OK, the gate is open, bring your artwork, something to share for the picnic, and come right on in...