Wednesday, July 18

Hot Dogs and scribble picnics

Can you tell I was thinking of ketchup and mustard here? Admittedly, while already having the idea of drawing a hot, sweaty, rugged bulldog, the color scheme didn’t come to me until seeing Alex’s piece earlier Tuesday (wait till you see it, so fun, and she had no idea what I had in mind — great minds think alike).

OK, your turn now....

P.S. Important announcement: due to increasingly fewer people visiting the sign ups and a couple of our regular contributors unable to make it the last several weeks, I’ve decided to postpone our Scribble Picnics here through at least the hot days of Summer (for most of us). So, ignore the other sign up themes for now please. I’ll announce something on that Wednesday, Aug. 22nd. In the interim, like many of you, we too have a fair bit going on anyway. I will still try to do a few pieces but maybe with Colour Collective on Instagram instead? We shall see. Sorry to rain on the picnics, so to speak, for those of you, like our wonderful Rain, who enjoy the ongoing weekly prompts to keep motivated! I hope you understand. Thanks for playing along today. :)

Wednesday, July 11

A Star studded picnic

Welcome back everyone! How's your week going? Here, it's horribly hot but at least it quickly cools down to the mid 60's later evening. :)

For stars this week, my piece is actually inspired by this Instagram challenge where an artist gives permission to "copy" their art work, or more so be inspired by it, to then come up with their own rendition. So, when I saw the example listed below, I decided I simply had to give it a shot...and figured out how to tie it into our challenge this week too. It's been fun seeing how people interpret someone's work. Of course, normally, one shouldn't copy anyone's art without giving proper credit (let alone then try to sell it as one's own "original" which Alex and I have unfortunately seen on IG periodically). However, here's one of those exceptions and a fun one at that. Whilst doing this, I took liberty to change her around a bit, add my own flair and so on. What fun!

Thanks for signing up. I know all of us are getting busy this time of year. We might need to even take another break again, depending on how many sign up or not this week. Let's find out....