Wednesday, September 27

Scribble Picnic: Bring the radio!

Tune into Happy

Our picnic this week reminded me just how long it's been since I've listened to a proper radio! In fact, we don't even own one. And, technically, don't own a TV either since it actually belongs to our landlords. It just goes to show how much our lives are centred around the computer and internet which is how we download TV shows/movies too since we don't have cable.

The last time I really properly listened to the radio was probably when a teen, trying to catch various songs in hope of recording them onto cassette. Ha, can't say I miss that, but somehow this does make me feel somewhat wistful for the "old" days when things were just far simpler. Actually, scratch that! They weren't. Modern technology has made such tasks far easier, especially for accessing information without having to go the the library.  Still, I wouldn't mind some retro kind of radio, updated to work for today. Here's my own take on one of the pink ones shown here.

So, who's bringing along their radio? Do you even own one anymore? I wonder what kind the rest of you chose. How about we tune into each others' below and find out? :)


Wednesday, September 20

Scribble Picnic's full of suprises. Watch Out!

Watch Out! when you go to the woods today because the wolves might be having their own picnic! And I'd really rather not lose any one of you.

You remember my Red Riding Hood version from last year whilst in England? Well, consider this the updated one, perfect for this week's theme. So, how about you? What did you consider worth a warning? Sign up below and let us know... before it's too late! :)


Wednesday, September 13

Scribble Picnic's Black and White Samplings!

What's black and white, black and white, black and white?
- A penguin falling down the stairs!

Sorry, heh, just couldn't resist. One of the few jokes I remember from my good ol' days at Glengyle Preparatory School in Putney.

I know. Penguins are perhaps a bit predictable for the theme but I worked on giving these "chinstrap" penguins (as they are called) some individual character and took ages redefining the lines, negative spaces, etc, until finally arriving here. My fave part? His bendy wing* holding onto that cozy scarf lest it blow away. You know, sometimes you've just got to rise above the predictable clatter and strike your independence... tuxedos aren't for everyone!

Your turn now to share cheesy jokes and something black and white for us all to sample — um, visually, that is... unless they're Oreos, of course! I'm guessing no one would dare munch on penguin blubber, would they? Surely not. Is that even legal these days?

*Come to think of it, is it "wing" or "flipper" for a penguin? I'm not actually sure. Haha.

Wednesday, September 6

Tie it up and join in!

Here's the final version of my tie it up piece for Scribble Picnic, making this particular lil' girl the centre of a triptych of sorts with the flower pot and love letter versions alongside. I really think this series would be fun to offer as sweet note cards, what do you think? Hmm... I wonder if my assistant (Alexandra) might be willing to help get these done for me? Heh. After all, she's pretty busy building her own lil' illustration empire too!

While mine is a very literal/obvious interpretation of this week's theme, I wonder how many of you thought outside the box for your own versions? If last weeks "curly" contribution is anything to go by, I'm guessing several of you did something more unique. Time to find out...