Monday, August 15

Creative Tuesdays: Journey

Sorry, this had to be far more rushed than to my liking and, unlike I usually do (where everything is created from imagination), this was actually started from a photo taken a few days back of some of the colourful homes spotted in Notting Hill, London. Using that as my base, I sketched this out very loosely, adding in embellishments like the bicycle for imaginary neighbourhood journeys and such. :)  As it was, I funnily enough, almost finished this up on another journey—a train ride—as we headed back to Yorkshire once again with one son dropped off and the other staying with us for a wee bit longer.

There's so much more to write about but for now, let's leave it at this. I started working today (remotely) as well so this has been a plenty long day and night already.

See you over on Creative Tuesdays. I'm looking forward to those blog visit trips as well, you know. :)