Tuesday, September 29


Call me crazy but, yes, this is my entry for Creative Tuesday's GIFTING challenge. I know, Christmas and English robins are a ways off. I mean, it was almost 80F / 27C today, yet the slightest cooling breeze beckons my heart to winter: cozy days inside enjoying the peace and quiet snow affords; sitting by the fireplace with hot cuppas in hand and so on. One of my favourite parts of this season is having that extra excuse to give simple gifts to others who might never expect it, letting that person know that even the smallest things are not just noticed but appreciated. Aside from always always saying "please" and "thank you" whenever ordering anything anywhere, we do our best to recognize that someone who makes the perfect latte, has that extra finesse of customer service, or what have you.

Likewise, as stated over on Creative Tuesdays, it's time to surprise some lucky co-opper there. If you haven't signed up yet, there is still time. As long as you follow the guidelines, you'll be entered to win and the fact of the matter is, your odds are going to be surely very good. We'll be lucky if there are even 10 other people entered into the drawing! So, get out your pencils and draw something, or make something with fabric even. These are nice, quality items — nothing cheaply made here!

So, what is that circular metallic piece in the sneak peak prize drawing photo? Lissa's guess was the closest — a boiled egg cutter! You just position it over and around your your hard or soft boiled (hot) egg, grip the handle and, voila! It cleanly chops off the top, making your egg perfect for scooping and dunking your toast and spoon into. Isn't that brilliant? No more, Ow, ow, OW!! :)