Sunday, July 24

Transitions (snippet)

"Are you excited?" I hardly know how to answer. Sure, my Anglo side looks forward to being back in the throes of English culture, and while not an easy task, I'm thankful having this last chance to truly help my elderly mother. Aiding my sister too with all that's entailed there with advancing dementia and limited mobility will not only touch our mother but my family as well who contend with these challenges everyday. That is immeasurable.

As a friend noted, "She was there at the start of your life, and now you will be there towards her end... Death is a part of life; both involve pain—one physical, the other, emotional." ...

(Continued on our couple's blog, Paper Chains & Bunting.)

Wednesday, July 6

Creative Tuesdays: FISH Ahoy!

Fish Ahoy!

While drawing this up, I thought about Nantucket/Cade Cod style marine folk art and how great that could be to use for this theme. Also, using a limited colour palette, helped me give a subtle yet patriotic nod to July 4th which is when I did a lot of the work, finishing off the fish and details today.

As often is the case, I took some liberty with objects, like this boat, just using various images as a base board for inspiration, and of course, none of these fish are based on anything real either, but you get the idea. In my book, artistic license is what makes doing the work more creative in the first place anyway!

Pushing myself further, I wanted to create something that didn't use any lines for outlines (like I usually do) but relying on the objects' colours themselves for definition. Whilst Alex and a friend sewed up cloth bunting tonight, I decided to add a navel version of it here too. :)

Yes, this was all quite fun and, actually, I might have even hummed a few lines of Gilligan's Island whilst at it. How about you?