Monday, July 13

Little Critters (Creative Tuesdays)

You're going to want to view this enlarged to see all the little details. :) 

It wasn't until Sunday morning, actually, that I came up with this idea while slowly waking up. It just popped into my head and got me thinking, "oooh.."! Not to lose the inspiration, I started sketching this up that very day, finishing up tonight (Monday evening) as the sun slowly sets on this surprisingly rainy, cloudy second half of the day. Anytime it's times like this, I'm bound to get the cozy creative muse.

So, what are your little critters up to? Time to find out! 

P.S. BTW, I sketched this up on my tiny sketchpad used for the cricket sketch shown on CT. Makes for some nice gritty pencil textures.

P.P.S. Oh dear, I just realized, I did not draw in or colour the bottom of the column, behind Mr. Hedgehog! Silly me. Oh well. I was too busy making sure he stood out enough from the background. Haha.