Tuesday, April 21

Happy Biscuit Heaven (Creative Tuesdays)

Biscuits featured that are all perfect for dunking (from top of the cuppa, clockwise): 
Dark Chocolate Digestive, Jam Sandwich, Fruit Shortie, Bourbon Sandwich, Jammie Dodger, Shortbread, Party Ring, and Ginger Nut! :)

What simple life's pleasure makes me happy? Well, a good strong cup of tea comes to mind, and the thought of an assortment of English biscuits to nibble on! Silly, I know but oh so good. Of course, in real life, the only kinds one can readily find here (Stateside) are the dark chocolate digestives (my fave anyway, as shown with one being on the top) and ginger snaps, much like "ginger nuts." The rest? Well, at least I can happily vicariously dunk away without gaining any pounds... or even making any crumbs (and anyone who knows me, knows that would be a seriously major accomplishment)! Just as well, really, because as the hours passed by, my hunger only increased and now it's close to 1:00 am! 

Oh boy, can't believe I took it right down to the wire on this one again... even with the extended deadlines! Sorry about doing that—totally forgot I was going to be gone with work in Cali for close to a week. Lots going on here, let me tell you!

Anyway, it's time for moi to visit the rest of you later tonight, leaving my various comments along the way for each. Looking forward to seeing who did this C.T. challenge and what simple life's pleasures, like tea and dunking, bring you that certain ephemeral happiness :)

P.S. I should perhaps note that this illustration in no way indicates I don't also love a variety of American style cookies too. Of course I do! One can't live here as long as I and not find some baked goodies to love. (Haha, who am I kidding? With my sweet tooth it would have taken me a week... tops!) Other delicious delectables that come to mind that are also good for dunking in coffee or tea are Oreos, choc chip cookies, Milanos, Snickerdoodles, and so on. Oh yes! The list goes on and on...