Wednesday, July 26

Scribble Picnic Postponed One Week!

Sorry, folks, due to some unforeseen time commitments and now with Alexandra sick (from eating something with seeds in it which her liver can't tolerate), our weekly picnic challenge is washed out, as it were. (I haven't had to previously delay a picnic but in this case, inclement conditions warrant otherwise!) Please hold onto to your pieces and link to the sign up next Wednesday, August 2nd, instead. Consider it a summer break! :)

Yes, I could have published the sign up anyway, so hope you don't mind waiting another week as both of us have some cute curtain concepts we'd like to draw up and show at our next picnic! In the interim, here are some fun ideas others have done...

Thanks for your patience! I hope your week is going well.

All the best,

Your Scribble Picnic Enthusiast, Organizer and Host

UPDATE (Wednesday pm):
Alexandra is on the mends. Thank you for the good wishes, all! :)

Wednesday, July 19

Ladybirds and bugs are welcome at Scribble Picnic!

Another bug collector of sorts — this one far more lovely... and utilitarian. While obviously not owning any ladybug/ladybird buttons or embroidered edging, not even any socks with such fun, I'm sure some of you do, right? Well, regardless, the picnic blankets and tables here are laid. Time to show us your own cheery bug collection...

P.S. BTW, the "fill-in-the-blank" challenge was a huge success and actually garnered the most curiosity and views (close to 500) I've had here! So, how about we do that again? The variety of interpretations from a simple dot and line were fascinating, don't you think? I wonder what you'd do with a blob-like shape perhaps? Hmmm.


Tuesday, July 11

Scribble Picnic's Fill-in-the-Blank Challenge! (Sign up)

For the next Scribble Picnic theme, your challenge is to take the above shape and fill in the blank! That is: imagine what this dot and line might be part of for a larger image. Any ideas? Feel free to download the image above and/or trace directly from the screen or you could simply redraw it but please keep the relative size of the dot and line to each other to what you see above. Thank you.

You know, you could simply print this image out and then draw in the rest of the diagram or even cut and paste it into some created collage. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and finally, feel free to change the colour from black to whatever you like. 

Still stuck? Well, to make sure it wasn't too hard, I worked on various possible shapes until coming up with this one and then gave the challenge to myself and Alexandra to quickly render something that incorporated it. Here are just a few very quick examples but, of course, you'll probably want to spend longer on it, and as you'll note, the shape can also be rotated to whatever you prefer.

It's going to be really interesting seeing how each of you interpret this, don't you think? Maybe we'll even get a glimpse into your psyche... sort of like a Rorschach test but where you get to add to it. So, have fun and be creative!



Scribble Picnic's Fill-in-the-Blank challenge is upon us. Here's my entry, using that dot and line as a starter and working out from there. A stately yet quirky drawing room seemed like a nice contrast to the unexpected. :)

I certainly didn't expect to end up with some tongue-in-cheek, pseudo Gary Larson's Far Side* type image, but after placing that dot and line on the page, this is just what came to me. All I knew was that I wanted some element of surprise whilst telling some kind of story.

It's surprising how we approach the same problem, isn't it? Can't wait to see what the rest of you decided on!

Sunday, July 9

Summer scribble picnic winner is.....

What better time than these summer days to throw a Summer Scribble Picnic Giveaway?! As you can see from above, there's a lot of goodies in there and some surprises in the art tin itself! Among the picnic delights are, of course, art supplies but also English tea from Harney & Sons, Artesian crafted chocolates, and for your leisurely perusal, a choice of one of these fabulous magazines: Bella Grace, Frankie, Artful Blogging or Where women Create Business! (The winner just needs to tell me which one she'd prefer.) 

Ready to find out who won? Watch below... and be sure to congratulate our worthy winner who had 12 entries for this go around (the max you could get was 13)!

Again, congratulations to the winner! I'm excited for you. Please simply contact me with your magazine choice and mailing details so I can send off these goodies to you el pronto. :) Thank you for playing along! 

If you didn't win, remember, there's always next time...which will be around September when I'll do an Autumnal Scribble Picnic hamper theme. As always, keep in mind, you get one entry per theme just for joining in! Maybe it will be you next time? (See other ways to increase your odds and promote our art collaborative.)

Wednesday, July 5

Watermelon Summer

Happy summer days of celebration!

For those of us coming off of celebrating July 4th or Canada Day, I hope you're good with another outdoor venture — this one, the Scribble Picnic kind! As you'll see from below, watermelon is in order. To begin our own festivities, we had turkey, cheese and avo baguettes, chips and salsa, veggies and cherries, but of course, I also found time for these crisp clean cuts of sweet thirst-quenching design goodness. How about you? Show us what you've got! Oh, and by the way, did anyone bring lemonade perchance? :)

P.S. To keep the celebrations going, my next post will be a sneak peek into our Summer Scribble Picnic Giveaway! Not only that, you'll also learn about next week's imaginative challenge... which is a first of its kind here. (Reminder: one entry will be awarded per picnic attended, so even if you've just entered this week for the first time, you have a chance. Better odds than the lottery, let me tell you!)