Wednesday, August 29

A New Season

Hellooo, everyone! We're back and in time for the long days of summer to soon be replaced by golden Autumnal hues for those of us on this side of the world, at least.

Speaking of change, guess what? We've moved. Across the country, no less, with 98% of everything we own packed into our little Suzuki SX4 with a canvas cargo bag strapped atop for the two day, 1,300 mile journey. It wasn't an easy initial decision to come to, let me tell you. Naturally, the hardest part was leaving the kids and grandchildren, but we're only a fairly short flight away, yet in a whole different world... the Commonwealth of Kentucky! Yup, you heard it. Big change. Must say, never ever expected to move anywhere down south but as my southern friends inform us, it isn't even officially considered "the south" by them apparently. As with everything, depends on one's perspective, I suppose.

Who would have ever guessed when first coming to Fort Collins, Colorado, as a young adult that I'd leave decades later feeling so incredibly touched with having been blessed with an enriched life here of family, friends, a long term dynamic design career (most of it with an awesome company) and even growing to not only like, but actually love this self-named "Choice City"? Keep in mind that, while always a university town, it was far smaller and different back when I arrived — no coffee bars, galleries, ethnic cuisines, or any other various cultural events now so easily found.

In fact, as a fresh off-the-boat Londoner, I bemoaned my decision to leave everything familiar behind, let alone big city life, for this crazy fresh bold start, moving to what I would later deem as nothing more than "Sticksville, USA!" In the days of snail mail, I was so cut off, alone and miserable. While desperate for a change and an adventure, none of it panned out as expected. The lovely downtown area alone was more a place to avoid than actually visit in those days and I actually lived on the outskirts which made it even worse. Admittedly, snobbishly, I pretty much despised everything about "the Fort," seeming to also be the only person who was totally craving (any) urban growth. Whenever discussed, most locals seemed to want nothing but the same old, same old. (Curiously, one doesn't hear peeps complain anymore about such growth now that they can see the various benefits that come along with it, traffic aside.)

So, all that to say, when we started telling others fairly recently that we were considering moving and where to, people were somewhat (politely) incredulous, offering words to the wise to prepare for the inevitable culture shock. Ha! But the funny thing is, what they didn't get is this is absolutely nothing compared to moving from the heart of London to a smallish town in Colorado, especially back then and doing it on one's own! But now moving with someone who loves and supports me — doing this together with Alexandra — makes such a huge difference! While all this is admittedly a big jump with lots of inevitable change and some losses, it also affords us the adventures associated with a new paradigm.

As some of you no doubt know, Alex's mother moved here in 2009 and recently married last year. We are temporarily staying with her and Pops until a certain beautifully remodeled old loft in downtown Campbellsville becomes available to rent in a couple of months. This, along with new work opportunities and a chance to really plug into the community here, along with some other crazy unexpected things, are just some of the reasons why we heeded this wild new call! Wish us the best and let's see where this journey takes us. Alex doesn't feel we'll be here long-term but who knows.

Some change is good and even needed. Stay tuned while I periodically post developments and life stories along the way, mainly adding them to our art co-op. In a few days, I'll provide our next Scribble Picnic theme, due Sept 12th.**  Hopefully, by then, each of you who play along will see this. Please help me spread the news! Thank you.

I hope everyone's had an eventful summer! Well, maybe not quite as venturesome, but you know what I mean :) Thanks for your best wishes, thoughts and prayers. Life is never dull.

* Picture: a recent drive through Liberty, Kentucky, near the Lincoln Heritage Trail.
** OK, It's going to have to be another week out. See the post above. Thank you!