Wednesday, March 28

Egg Salad, anyone?

Well, these lil' chickies are certainly hatching all over the place and keeping Mama Henrietta very busy indeed on the hunt after them!

You know, I actually had four ideas for this particular theme but decided on this, with its subtler reference to Easter without scrambling farther down that track As it is, I had quite a bit of fun with this one...even though it took me ages to complete -- the chickies were not cooperating at all, let me tell you!

OK, let's see what everyone bought to Scribble Picnic this week. Drop off your dishes, then join us in the Egg Hunt right over there! It was was a toss up to bring Cadbury's yummy Mini Eggs or something more savoury and as it is, something less sweet won out (leek and goat cheese being my present penchant). How about I just leave the sweetness to the young lil' ones instead, adorable as they are...or any of you other sweet peeps out there? :)

Happy Easter and Spring everyone! So glad to celebrate all this season brings...

(Hopefully you've all seen my comments from last go around by the way. I'll update the sidebar with new themes later today or tomorrow perhaps. Please feel free to submit any ideas along in your comment if you'd like.  Thank you so much!) 

P.S. Please note: I dressed to match the occasion even and my art work here, no less. :)


Wednesday, March 21

Did anyone bring the cream?

I wonder how many of you chose to focus on creams, as in those one can pour vs. the ones found in a colour palette? Having played a few rounds of chess this last week (all but one I lost), I've been thinking about just how dynamic this game is and equally how unpredictable it can be! My hope here was to experiment with creating a sort of mash up of Picasso line work and loose painting blocky panting styles of Matisse and maybe a little Cezanne thrown in as well? Not sure I really accomplished this (certainly not as beautifully)  but it was a good exercise in pushing my artistic comfort zone's boundaries! I did things never done before, for sure.

As for the creams, I was reflecting back on some of the cheap plastic school chess sets we would use when too sick or injured to play sports mid-week. Not only were they cheap and plastic, I always wondered why they coudn't have been black and white instead of combination of browns and creams for the chess pieces themselves as well as the checkerboard's hues.

Well, haha, enough on my piece, time to see what other possibly delicious offerings you might have prepared for us today for this week's Scribble Picnic. Table cream anyone? :)


Wednesday, March 14

Love across the miles

It's Scribble Picnic time once again and this time as far flung as Across the Universe! When your love is strong, vibrant, and your connection deep, the miles between you can fade away where even if you can't call, there's always the power of imagination! :) Love knows no bounds.

So, how far flung did you throw your picnic blanket this week? Let's find out! (Oh, and yes, I still plan to visit everyone from last week's Opera so will be making double the rounds this week. Sorry to have kept everyone waiting there. Speaking of which, my Viking hamster is still not complete but I did go back and re-imagine it to something possibly more engaging.)


Wednesday, March 7

sandwiches, cider and...opera!

 Update WIP: March 13th.

Well, as you can see, this Viking Opera hamster is certainly not nearly as dramatic or finished as I had hoped! (That's what I get when putting things off too late.)  It is truly simply a scribble for now. My hope now is to add the colours needed for the IG Colour Collective challenge which for this week is a golden yellow. If I can get back to it, it will be ta wonderfully fun and engaging piece but for now, instead of Wagner, per se, you're more likely to end up with a wimpy shrill chipmunk style warble for Scribble Picnic this week! My apologies, but as I say, it's OK to even toss out an idea, just to have engaged our minds even a bit more creatively.


Opera will always make me think of my mother, amusingly. She loved it! My indelible memory there of her would be Sunday mornings as a teen. I'd often make her a simple breakfast (toast and tea with marmalade) and then carry it up the stairs on a tray, following a few steps carefully behind her as she'd quite carefree saunter (i.e. waddled) up the stairs stark naked, singing opera at the top of her lungs in her VERY fruity English voice! (She'd sometimes carry the cassette tape player with her, if not draping a towel.) All the while, she'd throw handfuls of talcum powder over her shoulders, usually missing her back though and hitting me in the face with it or landing like snow on her "bum" ledge.  Ha. Yes, seriously! She was very much a child of the tropics as she'd say — at home anyway — but oh so proper (while still warm and engaging) the rest of the time. :)

In years prior when I was 13, she'd have the same routine but would take us to HTB church beforehand so we could get eventually confirmed. After that though, she fell into the leisurely routine above as it was the only day off she had to sleep in, and hey, who wouldn't want breakfast served my one's loyal son? When we'd arrive at the top of the several flights of steps to her bedroom, she'd then place the cassette player down, still singing jollily, and walk back and forth across the little room...on her derriere. ("It's good for the bum, darling!") Oh, and then do a Tarot card reading for me and her! Yes, my mother was truly beyond stereotypes, enigmatic even, one might say. My dear Mama. There will never be another one like her.

OK, will catch up with everyone later.... Can't wait to see what kind of shows, as it were, we all put on here! :) Meanwhile, I'm going to be floored again by this 9 year Dutch girl's talent.