Monday, July 29

What's that up in the air?

Well, peeps, judging from the handful of replies to my last post, I'm not convinced there's enough interest in re-starting Scribble Picnic yet! It seems, at best, more people might be able to commit once we get through these dog days of summer, possibly? So, at this point, we're going to leave it be and, if you want, I can simply ask again once September comes around.

As it is, that's probably for the best as with every year for all of us, summer's a busy time. Alex and I, as a case in point, will be back in Colorado for my youngest's wedding and then off to England on some super cheap tickets we actually bought last year, long before we knew all the unexpected changes that were to arise later. On the plus side though, we can use a portion of the trip for business as we have some potential opportunities there that could be quite exciting. Naturally, too, I want to see my remaining family there since 3 years ago.

Frankly, since then (when we went to take care of my mother), things have certainly not been boring, must say — quite the adventure — but we're exhausted taking care of others that we'll be ready to start to carve out some time for our own lives too...and place to call home again!

I hope everyone's summer is going well. Feel free to leave comments. I'll check in as able. Thanks to each of you who were able to leave comments and don't forget that Rain has her weekly art challenge too! In the meanwhile, while not feeling nearly as hot as humid Kentucky, the reality is that today was an incredible 107F so I'll be chillin', literally, as much as able. Thankfully, tonight the temps plunge down again with the promise of that lovely Delta breeze that so thrills and surprises me. :)

See you in September, if not sooner! :)


Monday, July 15

Scribble Picnic Challenge

Hi, everyone, I've missed you! And, like you, I too haven't made the time to illustrate as much as one might like. So... I'm ready to relaunch our art challenge co-op... IF you are too? Who's with me?

A lot can change in 4 months though, I know. I mean, we've moved from KY to CA, for starts! Let me find out first then, who's perhaps moved on to other things and who are wanting to jump back in here? If I can get, say, 5 of you to indicate interest then we'll get rolling again! :)

I already have some fun ideas lined up but don't want to scribble picnic alone in an echo chamber either. For starts, what do you guys think of making this weekly again... as the icon subtitle suggests?! I was thinking, one week would be for "concept" (that is, the initial looser sketch idea) and the following for the final "proof" (that is, coloured, if you want, and tighter, although doesn't have to be super tight either as this is a scribble picnic after all — up to you!)

If each of you could please let me know whether you can join in or not, that would be fabulous. Thank you! Thanks too for not only your understanding when needing to focus on other things but your patience in-between as well. In the meanwhile, I'll revisit our last few co-ops and catch up with each of you. That's my goal, anyway. I'm sure lots happened since I was last here in Blogger land. Hope all's well and if not, let me know that too!

I'll give this a week and let you know on Sunday, July 21st, if this goes forward or not, depending on how many are still wanting to pick this up or not. :) Thanks!!