Tuesday, June 30

Twits for Little Twitters! (Creative Tuesdays)

Setting up this more graphic design oriented little "found object" scene was really quite funny: There they were... these happy little twitters wobbling along (perhaps looking for crumbs on the kitchen counter?) and there was I, dutifully following along,  eating up their yummy Cadbury Mini Egg goodness, one-by-one, along the way! Aww, poor sweet chirps. Well, these ones made it out just fine, you'll be happy to know. :)

And, yes, the birdies are real Cadbury mini eggs — the ones left, that is!


Tuesday, June 16

AQUA (Creative Tuesdays)

Since my last foiled oil painting attempt, I've wanted to push myself and try it again. After all, my small paint set is actually water soluble — so much easier (and safer) to clean up so no excuse there at least. I decided to once more tackle luscious warm orange-like colours, buying this fruit and then setting it off against our lovely cool aquamarine coloured tea plate set.

Yes, it was a challenge again, especially working with details, but I didn't give up this time, even working through two separate settings as you can see here. At first, outside on our little balcony trying to stay cool from the blazing afternoon sun, then with the pending afternoon showers after work last night, I moved everything indoors. Painting with oils for me can end up being quite messy so I decided to stand in the kitchen, away from the carpet, using every spare bit of counter space I could find (in rather Wanda-like fashion, I might add)! :)

Anyway, with the due date upon me, I decided to end it here, cropping it down to only focus on the more finished centre.

Being the host of this co-op, as you know, I like to encourage each of us to push ourselves that little bit further, trying something different in the process, so I hope I've done that here for you? You know, it's all about activating the various parts of the right side of our brain so nothing stays dormant for too long and we are firing on all mental cylinders! I need every cell in there! :)

So, how about you? Was your aqua a little more blue than green or vice-versa? Hmm... I wonder if anyone did a mermaid perhaps with all that aquamarine around her? Time to find out! 

Addendum: I plan to actually specifically write something here in under a week — a dedication to someone I call, "My Little Yoda!" Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 2

My Kind of ORANGE! (Creative Tuesdays)

 Pen and Pencil with Acrylic Watercolour Gouache (original size: length of cheese a bit smaller than my hand print).

All along I had planned to do a traditional still-life painting of different shades of orange fruit, even going out buying a grapefruit, some peaches and a nectarine but as you can see, I chose something rather more cheesy instead. In fact, we were at wonderful little local cheese shop the other day where I sampled some lovely crumbly bright "red" Leicester cheese. Having been yonks since that was on my palette, I kept relishing its memory through the week whilst also enjoying the small slab of divine Welsh cheese duly purchased.

This image crystallized in my head later, as I  thought about the various weights (of life) we carry. While some are hard, they are worth it too.. rather like Leicester Mouse here might agree. :)

OK, time to catch up with the rest of the ORANGE musings over on CREATIVE TUESDAYS!