Tuesday, October 30

Double Jolt?

OK, Blogger seems to be working again so hopefully by now most of you have been able to put up your piece for one of this week's prompts (either Jolt or Double). Can't wait to see what you've done and will have time tonight to actually get through them all. Whee!

I struggled with which challenge to choose but then thought about one of the logo comps created for the design agency my biz partner and I are currently putting together. This isn't actually the final version but simply one I created, helping get us there. The idea though was to show that ours is a two man ship (thus the double windows) and, of course, power is implied by the gears and lightning bolt/jolt powering the ship along as it rockets past this orb's eclipse. An intriguing story telling image at least, aligning with how we will be focusing on launching and building people's various brands.

Our final version is currently underway, employing elements from this one but also quite different.  While the main concept is done, each individual character will be stylized (reshaped) and fine tuning is in order on certain other elements to make it that much compelling and unique. Also, funnily enough, unbeknownst to me, as red and black (dark grey here) are actually the local university teams' colours we didn't want that as obviously the idea is to have our logo immediately recognizable and standing out from other designs and graphics that abound around here.

You peeps are actually the very first to see this in the general public, even the agency name, but keep in mind this isn't actually the final design and is only a concept comp anyway. Still, it works well enough for the prompts so there you go!

Right, now, off to see what the rest of you have mustered up. Tonight promises to be rainy and I think there's even a potential threat for a tornado out here in the boonies. We shall be huddled up inside and I highly doubt anyone will come by expecting candy as 1. There's no pavement to safely walk along, and 2. There are no kids around here but some Mennonites who pretty much stick to their own traditions, and, as it is, they never alter from wearing the same style clothes each day anyway.  :)

Hope everyone has a safe and good night. Thanks again for your contributions!

Hi everyone, blogger is having issues, as you may have discovered. So, I'm not staying up late to work on completing my art piece for one of these prompts...and, in fact, am not even sure I can post or schedule this? We shall see. As it is then, I'll work on my piece through the day (Wednesday) and catch up with you here later then! Oy.

If this post indeed gets up, please sign in when able. Thank you to each of you for taking the time to create something and leaving your lovely comments. Happy Boo day or Reformation day or whatever! Here, it promises to rain with a flood warning and as we are in the boonies, no one will come by for sure. (If they did, all I have to offer are some non-iced plain pop tarts! Hahaha)

P.S. Just read a few of the comments that went to moderation as they were written several days after the initial post went up. All of those are posted now.  Thank you so much. (Wanda, we miss you too and good to hear from you, Tracy, and Cathy!)

P.P.S Alex's tailbone is doing a bit better but she still has quite a bit of pain in the back but is mustering along as well as can be hoped for, if not better than expected. Thank you for the good will, prayers and comments there too. I've shared them all. 


Wednesday, October 17

Who needs a Genie when...?

You never know what you'll find in a bottle these days, well at least here! No, nothing so tongue-in-cheek as these but there are years' old leftover pickled whatnots laying around, tucked away on  darkened dusty shelves in the old farm house pantry.

I had initially started inking this up for Inktober's "Drooling" prompt last week, per Alexandra's rather witty "stop drooling" label suggestion but then various things* came up so never did finish it until now. I'm not actually terribly into scary per se but hope you can appreciate the offbeat humour perhaps?

Let's now find out what the rest of our scribblers came up with. And, no, please don't offer me any pickled anything. Thank you very much!

* Alexandra had a hard fall on some wet steps 10 days ago as is now on largely forced bed rest with minimal movement. She cracked her upper-spine C6 vertebrae and has a compression of the sacrum which is essentially the area pressing in around her tailbone. The continual pain should start residing in another week or so. In about a month, she should be feeling considerable better but it will take another 4-5 months to fully heal so she needs to be careful.  In the meantime, Alex is told the only thing she can do is rest, not work, it away. So, anyway, that's taken a lot of our focus now. Another "unexpected" here. Alexandra's such a trooper though and just lays on the recliner chair, with ice packs and hot water bottles (rotating them for each area), trying not to wince or "bother" anyone but, of course, I'm all about making her comfortable and meeting her every request. :) (But, hey, now, she better not get toooo used to this!) 

P.S. JOLT or DOUBLE is the next Scribble Picnic prompt, due on the 30th. (I decided to add the latter as the first one may be too hard!) Sign up on the date or hashtag it anytime between now and then on Instagram or Twitter. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 3

Polish Sausage? No, - Chicken!

Have you ever seen Polish chicken with their peculiarly plumed heads? Fancy as they might be, the chicks with their scrawny long necks and odd feathered tufts are particularly funny looking  As with most babies though, they're still awfully cute!

This was my first foray into ink dip pen work since last year's Inktober. (If at all interested, you can see my latest here.)

So, nothing too imaginative this time around and even then, I ended up redrawing it as the smaller I got, the better and more inky it looked. Now, let's see what the rest of you fried up! (Um, is that Ok to say? Maybe it's being in Kentucky influencing me here but have to say, we've only seen one KFC since getting here, oddly enough.)

Thanks for playing along, guys, and joining in. New theme is up on the side bar. That will be fun! :)