Wednesday, January 31

Spice is the variety of Scribble Picnics!

Lil' Monster's Spicy Dreams!

This little chap just loves his spicy pepper snacks. Munch, munch, munch. All morning long Monster eats to his heart's content then sleeps the afternoons away, enjoying that comforting burn down in his furry belly — every monsters dream!

If you like a lil' bit of pepper crunch to your sandwiches, feel free to pick up one.  I'm thinking though, let sleeping "dogs" lie. How about you?


Wednesday, January 24

Magic Tablecloths

Master Magician, Monsieur Luc Pierret, was legendary for his infamous magic tricks! They never seemed to quite work out as expected though but he took his craft very seriously indeed, regardless. Making that hat appear under the tablecloth was really quite magnifique, however, his pesky lil' rabbit was another matter altogether!

Time now for you to show us your own tablecloths for this marvelous Scribble Picnic. Here, do bring me one quickly please... so I... err... can cover up all those baguette crumbs someone's dropped onto the grass! :) Thank you.


Wednesday, January 17

Cheers to Hot Chocolate and Winter Scribbles

Molten Hot Chocolate Pour

Chocolate is best when melted. Maybe that's why I like to dunk any double-chocolate Milano or dark chocolate Digestive into my hot cuppas? :) How about you?

Imagining this molten chocolate glaze poured over fresh, soft, strawberried gooey goodness made for quite a sweet tooth day all round in the real world, let me tell you. But, was it worth it? Totally!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Speaking of sweeter fair, I have a special announcement to make! With my birthday coming up soon, I've been contemplating a personal creative challenge of getting in the habit of drawing something (no matter how quick, small or silly) every day! Yes, that can be rather daunting but the benefits are plenty too. As it is, posting only once a week (to Instagram, at least) doesn't exactly help build a greater reach as much as publishing more regularly. Doing this challenge would not only help to that end, but, more importantly, also exercise my raw skills and creative mind further, engaging my imagination more so in turn—something which I think is so crucial to creativity.

Several days ago, I asked on my Instagram what people thought about it. Overwhelmingly, others liked the idea and some had suggestions of what to focus on. So, I've decided to keep my daily sketches quite loose, quick and just exploring various styles of lines, expressions, gestures, or even what's in front of me—whatever comes to mind that day, as a sort of logue of daily muses.

I wonder then if any of you would like to join in? (No need to answer that here though if not able, btw.) Andrea (@ falling ladies) is already on board! This wouldn't require any formal sign-ups, follow-ups with others or anything like that. Rather, it's simply an opportunity to see how far this year you can go with making time for sketching. Simple really. Just get a pad of paper and start doodling! We can check in with each other every now and then for encouragement, if you want, and you don't even have to have Instagram to play along. Andrea's already come up with #dailysketchplan2018 for those of us who want to post to IG their work, but you certainly don't have go/be there. January 20th will be the official launch, btw! (We wanted to give you some heads up for consideration.)

So, how about it? Invest in your art and watch it grow! It would be so lovely knowing there was even just one of you out there, sitting at your kitchen table or wherever, and playing along. Whether you show the work or not is entirely up to you and if you miss a few days now and then, no problem. (It's really more about your intent.) I'm thinking it might be fun to present a collection of my most fun pieces every week or so here too. Hmmm.... We shall see. Thank you! :)

Wednesday, January 10

Some picnic today!

You never know who you're going to bump into at this Scribble Picnic! Keep on your toes though because some of your favourite fiction characters may take you by surprise, like Mr. Toad here. Looks like he's planning some wild ride somewhere. Plane? Car? Scooter? Who knows, but don't give him any cockamamie ideas!

...Um, why's Toad pointing back to Toad Hall and who is that lady he's talking to (or is he chatting her up?)  between rather curiously long sips of that delicious brew?!

"I say, fancy watching the good old girl for a fortnight or so? Glorious stirring sites on the horizon and all that, waiting to be discovered. What's that? Oh, no, no, no... those beastly weasels shouldn't be any problem at all. They are...well, err...quite funny really — scurrilous little things. Ratty will pop in now and then and have a look in on you, no worries..."

Oh, incorrigible Toad! "You promised not to get up to any silly antics now. Remember?!"

"Err...Sorry, Madam, pressing matters.... Poop-poop, must dash!"

"Mr. Toad! Come back here, at once!"

Yes, sorry, folks, I'll be right back — do hope your guests aren't quite as... rousing, shall we say? Oh, and do please sign the guest registrar whilst at it. Thank you!


Saturday, January 6

Come here often? About our Next "Famous" Picnic...

What did Dorothy say to Elizabeth Bennett when Paddington Bear came stumbling in, marmalade spilt all down his freshly laundered coat? "Well, I never, it must be Scribble Picnic!"

That's right, our next art meetup for this coming Wednesday, Jan 10th, is all about presenting your favourite person (or creature) from fiction. It doesn't have to be a literary character — s/he could just as well come from the movies, a TV show, or even comics. You tell us, and please share why you chose this particular hero/heroine/antihero/nemesis or what have you. Thank you! Can't wait to see who you bring along. Won't it be the most thrilling picnic? I mean, I've always wanted to ask Sherlock about Dr. Who, for example. :)

A world full of possible candidates are just waiting to be invited. Check them out! Better make sure our snack offering is also worthy of such appeal. Yes, this IS going to be fun! :) If you haven't joined us in a while or want to jump in for the first time, the start of a new year is as good a time as any. Oh, and if you think of it, perhaps you'd even consider what your character might say noodling with the rest of us? I can see it now... The Pink Panther to Dorothy: "Um, heh, any pink diamonds in that emerald city of yours?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want to join in? Learn more about Scribble Picnic

Get in the groove. Watch the promotional vidoes: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2. 

Thursday, January 4

Scribble Picnic's Winter Giveaway

It's the New Year. Time to celebrate with another giveaway picnic! It's been a while since the last one so this collection is extra special. There's some fabulous richly pigmented Loew Cornell paints, Blackwing drawing pencils and Rifle Paper Company's beautifully designed writing pencils, as well as, of course, an assortment of various English goodies—even mince pies and with velvety, small batch Fort Collins' Nuance Chocolate thrown in to ring in the year! :) But, what, pretell, is in that Harrods bag?! Maybe the winner will show us later? ;) But, yes, it's just come all the way from there so you know it's got to be good.

Before we get to who the winner is though, let me start by reminding you that each person who participated was given an entry per time signed up, all the way back to July from when we last did this. (Most of you had quite a few entries but even our newest member, Laurie, was entered for joining us this last go around.) All in all, there were 249 entries (not including Alexandra) with Tie it Up having the most sign ups. Curious. That would have seemed the hardest to envision, so says to me you aren't afraid of more abstract concepts, right? Hmmm... hehe, methinks I need to keep challenging! :)  Conversely, the themes that were the most apparent, Spinning Tops and Toy had the fewest participants! Fascinating. What does that say? Was it a mere product of timing or maybe some themes appeal to you more than others? I'd love to hear your thoughts here and any ideas you have for future prompts. Thank you.

So, without much ado, let's see how I put this together. Are you excited yet? If you haven't won, just remember your chances are waaay better here than any Powerball Lottery and it doesn't cost you a thing! Well, other than a few spent creative brain cells and a good ol' right brain workout which we probably all need anyway. :) OK, thanks for playing along. The new prompts are up btw (see sidebar). See you next week.... Oh! And the winner* is....

*If you haven't already contacted me in the past, simply fill out your contact details here and when my personal assistant (umm....that is, Alexandra!) is over her bronchitis, this will be mailed to you el pronto. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 3

a New Year Scribble Picnic

Happy New Year! Here's my celebratory ode to 2018 with a pink bubbly confetti dalmation! :) What on earth? Well, the word, "sparkly," kept coming to mind so that inspired me for the design, which in turn, reminded me of the title graphics from Mod '60's shows, like Bewitched and such. I'd bring a snack to our picnic but am not really sure what was popular back then. Hmm... Maybe one of you can enlighten me? The only thing I can thing of, funnily enough, is Connery's "Shaken, not stirred" Vodka Martinis but not being really into alcoholic drinks, perhaps I'll just bring some Sprite or, better yet, how about some good old fashioned Lucozade? How about you? Sign up below and let us know how your New Year turned out.

P.S. The new themes are updated on the side bar and I'll announce the giveaway winner in another post on Thursday to keep this short. Please check back. Who knows? Maybe you'll might be the next winner! :)