Tuesday, January 8

Is it too late for a Holiday Party?


Did you attend any Holiday Party this year? We actually did not, albeit that would have been really fun—in the right setting, that is—one done with some class and finesse. In fact, you know, I don't think I've actually ever been invited to a proper New Year's Eve Party! I do recall, some wonderful Christmas parties that my mother hosted. Though, being single, no one seemed to ever invite her anywhere, but loving to host, she'd invite a skew of fascinating friends to fabulous shindigs at our home over the holidays. My sister and I would walk around serving silver trays of nuts, dates and figs, or sausage rolls and cheese, and so forth. We had such a great time.

One of my particularly fond memories was how my mother placed mistletoe strategically above the inside front door so that whenever a someone rang the doorbell, she'd dash downstairs and promptly invite them in, "Dahhhling, do come in! It's frightfully cold outside..." At which point she'd feign surprise and cheekily look up at the mistletoe ball hanging overhead and exclaim, "Oh!" Of course, the gentlemen would always oblige a kiss, sometimes much to the chagrin of their accompanying wife. My mother—such a flirt—in the sweetest, almost child like way. But always very proper whilst exuding glamour, class and her distinct feminine charm. For some reason that memory just gives me such a kick. Mama was anything but a wallflower—larger than life... in more ways than one, yet, importantly, never once was she ever vulgar or inebriated. Again, charm to the 'nth degree. This piece then is my ode to those jolly Christmas/Holiday parties in Fulham all those years ago.

So, let's get this party rolling shall we? I'm, of course, going to have to bring a silver tray of sausage rolls and warmed up mince pies. Meanwhile, how about you show us your own contributions? Do tell some holiday party story whilst at it, would you? Such fun!

Thanks for playing along... and Happy New Year! :)