Sunday, December 9

Introducing Londonberrie

A week later and I'm finally announcing mine and Alexandra's new joint creative venture — Londonberrie, celebrating home, hygge, inspiration and art! Our lifestyle brand will serve as not only an avenue through which these anchors will be celebrated through artwork, photography, editorials, workshops and such, but also as a central location where others can conveniently find our artwork. Eventually, anything offered on Etsy previously will be rebranded under Londonberrie and available through our website.

Speaking of which, after I designed the logo, Alexandra worked up finalizing this collaborative piece that is now available on our site as the first official annual Londonberrie Christmas Holiday card! While it's a limited press run, we did put aside three of the cards to include in a fabulous giveaway we're doing with two other establishments here for some lucky winner somewhere in the world! Come celebrate with us by checking out our Instagram or Facebook and find more details there. (Thank you to those of you who have already signed up.) Wouldn't it be so fun if one of you won? Hurry though, as the deadline in this Friday!

So, as you can see, we're pretty busy here. Last week on our anniversary when, yes, I was planning to announce everything, Alexandra unexpectedly tweaked her back which rather set us back with getting our website launched and thus the delay. Sorry about that, guys! On top of that, Alexandra has her own deadlines in the children book publishing world for her illustrations there, which by the way, will remain separate as will indeed my design agency where I was handed the keys to the new digs just this last week too.

Ooh, and one final thing I should mention: Alex and I head out in a truck rental back to Colorado this Monday for a little over a week to see family and friends as well as pick up those few items we couldn't take with us on the first drive out here. Wish us luck! Luckily, the weather looks like it's going to be clear for the way out West which is relief, let me tell you, when having to drive over two long days. :)

OK, I'll see you back here for our next Scribble Picnic this Wednesday. Still need to do that, actually. :) Well, I've already mentioned a few of my favourite things in this blog post, but I'm sure I can come up with a couple more too. In fact, I already have an idea brewing.... :)