Monday, February 15

Feathered Fuzzy Feeding

I struggled coming up with an idea for this Creative Tuesdays' theme but ended up settling on fuzzy clothing, feathers and hair. Not my favourite drawing and watercolour by any means but you get the general gist of it, clunky as it rather is.

Funnily enough, when I showed it to Alexandra, she said, "It's Wanda's husband!" Ha, I suppose I might have had his look in the back my memory banks. Mind you, I'm not sure she'd ever let him get that shaggy haired, nor would Don care to, come to think of it. Well, I could certainly see my hair like that but I'd probably forego the beard. I do though rather like to keep that windswept look. :)

Tuesday, February 2


(See this close-up version for details)

Wow, look at all those chocolates! Someone luuuvs someone, I'd say. :)

For this Creative Tuesdays theme, I thought it might not only be fun to show a bounty of chocolate boxes but to do it in a sort of fashion design pen-like style.

Here's hoping you enjoy more good things than expected in the coming weeks and months ahead. It's sweet to receive and even more fun to give! For many out there, Valentine's is nothing more than a commercial Hallmark holiday but that's fine with me — I actually like those sappy movies and would far rather celebrate love and romance than some of the other also abundantly commercial holidays out there.

Thank you to everyone who's participated in our challenge this go around. Time to bundle up some hugs and sample some of your chocolates. I wonder what kinds of boxes will be on display? (Heh, just as well I do rather have a virtual sweet tooth as well!)