Friday, January 1

A simple toast to the New Year

holiday celebrations!

Clink. We raised our glasses (mugs of tea) to the New Year as midnight chimed. What a long wait! Oh, not Colorado's, mind you. No, far too unmemorable. London's, actually. Easier that way and at the tail end of our tea time (5:00 pm), to boot. :)

Next year, however, we're going BIG! We're doing it proper. I'm thinking, ringing in the year a WHOLE day early! Sydney, I'm waaaiting... 

Happy 2016 everybody! Anyone else celebrate in a tad unexpected way?



  1. Have a wonderful year ahead, best wishes!

  2. Your 2016 New Years sounds wonderful, Michael. Happy New Year to you and Alexandra. ☺

  3. Happy New Year Michael (and Alexandra)! Classic Michael artwork here, nice! We stayed home, my son had a couple of friends over and I actually saw someone lighting fireworks out my window at midnight on Christmas Eve. We didn't do any champagne either but we did watch the New York City celebrations.

    1. Wait, wouldn't you watch Toronto's or something? Then again, it's not like there weren't oodles of Canadians there as well, right? :)

      OOh, seeing fireworks out one;s window sounds pretty good actually. Glad it went well. You were warm, safe...and cosy!

      A very HNY to you too, dear Christine.