Sunday, July 24

Transitions (snippet)

"Are you excited?" I hardly know how to answer. Sure, my Anglo side looks forward to being back in the throes of English culture, and while not an easy task, I'm thankful having this last chance to truly help my elderly mother. Aiding my sister too with all that's entailed there with advancing dementia and limited mobility will not only touch our mother but my family as well who contend with these challenges everyday. That is immeasurable.

As a friend noted, "She was there at the start of your life, and now you will be there towards her end... Death is a part of life; both involve pain—one physical, the other, emotional." ...

(Continued on our couple's blog, Paper Chains & Bunting.)


  1. all the best in your time over there Michael!

  2. I can't imagine that there are many sons, however much they love their mother, that would travel so far or for so long to be by her side at such a critical time in her life - I hope that there may also be plenty of lighter happy moments for you and Alex to share together during your journey - travel safe.

    1. Thank you, Christine and Rosemary. It was not easy to work out but am glad I have this rare opportunity! :)