Wednesday, June 28


Picnickers, watch out for your sandwiches! That old sly fox is out and about, ready to pick off whatever you leave around. He's not picky, you know?

I had fun scratching in lines for this in the background. In fact, I started with covering it all in an orange and then scribbling vertical yellow lines from top to bottom to get that feeling of bristle hair. After almost finishing this piece though, I decided it was lacking depth, so added the dark brown to the top and the right where his left shoulder might be. Of course, that meant re-scribbling yellow and now orange lines above it. This was all done at a very frenetic pace with me working fast and furiously, really focusing my passions on each of the 100s, if not 1000s of strokes! I wanted this to be quite impressionistic yet somehow stylized regally, making his nose very long and straight, adding a glorious white mane, if you will, and so on.

Happy with the overall results (although it could always be better), I'm planning to offer this as a 6"x4" card in my shop at some latter point. Oh, and kudos if you can find my signature! (Hint: it's scrawled in red.)

OK, time now to stop skulking about! Grab your goodies and come join me down the fox hole to see who or what else we might discover...

P.S.  It's way past time to do another give-away so be sure to sign up! Don't worry though, I'm keeping track. Reminder: you get one entry per theme entered since last giveaway and, remember, there are other ways to increase your chances too! Maybe you will be that lucky sly fox this time around? :) Check back here later for some details on the prize on hand. Fun! :)



  1. This is one of my favourites of yours, wow! It will be great as a card. Still looking for the signature.

  2. I didn't notice your name until you mentioned it, I suppose if I get to look at it at very large size, I might have caught it quicker. is at the top right, right?

    I like this frenzy scribble style of drawing. it's exactly what I would do. it really seems there are a lot of strokes and I think that's what make this work & the colors are just wonderful!

    will post my link later.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Great result and very beautiful work indeed. I believe your name is scribbled at the top right corner just above the ear? Greetings to you and best wishes!

  4. this is awesome!!! i couldn't find your signature! glad that others did and gave me a hint !! :)

  5. I love him. His golden eyes and all his brush strokes which give him such a fluffy feel. I love that he is cropped like this too. It makes me feel so curious about him.

  6. Sly indeed. What a great fox. The strokes and colors and textures are just so life like. I would of your best..haha..all of yours are the best, but he sure pulls me into the picture. Great first I thought you name was scribbled in the left ear, but then saw Lissa's comment and saw the real one. Clever!!!

  7. ooh love the colours! :D he is very striking :)

  8. Very nice close up of your sly fox!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous fox, Michael! Lovely, rich colours.

    I was late with mine and it's still very much a work-in-progress, I'm afraid. I just didn't get time to finish it but hope to post the finished piece next week. It's been such a busy week with another busy day ahead for me.

    OH yes, at first, I couldn't find your signature and then, suddenly, it just jumped out at me. Clever way to conceal it.

  10. I have to say that your fox totally took my breath away. Fantastic! The texture of the fur is so wonderfully done. Used the hints by others to find your signature. It blended in so well.

  11. What a gorgeous fox! I'd almost say he could be shy, rather than sly, but of course one can never tell for sure with foxes!

  12. That's a lot of strokes, Michael. Beautiful result. Thanks for putting up the link. I didn't see your signature until I read the hints. Clever.

  13. I should have thought to save a copy of my original comment but here goes...

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  14. Magnificent red fox Michael - I would purchase a whole box of cards!!!
    Here's looking at you - those eyes!!!!

    Mary -

  15. Michael that's a wonderful image! Animals are always about the eyes, aren't they? You really caught something in them here. I love the overall style and the results are stunning. And I never would have "found" your signature there if you hadn't challenged us to look for it. :)

  16. Wow Michael! This is wonderful. Such a great way to express fur. The layering of colors and all the lines really make it pop to life. I find fox hard to draw and there is no mistaking what you have created, a wonderful striking fox.

    I have been away since I posted my fox, so time for me to visit every one now.
    Good weekend to you two!