Sunday, October 8

New Theme with New Due date

Choose one shape below and fill in the blank/negative space:

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Oops! Just realised that  I never put up the new shape to work with for this week's theme! With only two days till Wednesday, that's not going to give any of you enough time so am extending the due date a week out.

My apologies for  not getting this up sooner. I got carried away with doing #inktober where one submits something every day using that hashtag, and likewise, checking out the others. Being able to choose ones own theme, I've decided to narrow in on Victorian and Medieval fables & folklore. It's been quite a challenge drawing something daily, let me tell you, let alone using pen and ink. On top of that, I'm also going through the alphabet!  It's fun though having some of you joining in the challenge there too. (Let's see if we can make it through the entire month.) For me, I'm keeping those sketches to about 30 mins tops or there's no way there would be any time for much else. :)

OK, see you later here ... or every day this month on my Instagram and Twitter! Keep creative and happy doodling. I wonder what each of you will do with one of these shapes? Door perhaps, anyone?



  1. oh this challenges our creativity big time!

    1. I KNOW you will come up with something clever, Christine

  2. Replies
    1. Sure, Anytime! Ha. Well, no, but you're welcome.

  3. Hi Michael :) The extended due date might help me out a lot! I hope I can participate this week! :)

  4. It looks like a fun shape to work with. Lovely inking to you.

  5. Oh good... breathe. We fly out next Tuesday so didn't know after eating turkey and having family here this weekend whether I could find time for this week's ... whew! saved by the bell. Bell anyone? Those sound like interesting prompts . where is the link?

    1. What prompts are oyu referring to? Sorry, lost a bit here.

      Happy belated Happy Canadian thanksigiving to you. Yours is such a better time than November as here in States. It's more in line with traditional English Harvest fests.

  6. Hi Michael, I posted today regarding Scribble Picnic missing this week - and inviting others to join in when we return next week!
    Happy days - Mary

  7. Well I didn't see the extra time frame, so I put something together as soon at you put it up. Will stick with my first impressions. This was quite interesting... My dearest had cataract surgery last week, so I hurried and got mine done early. Really anxious to see what everyone else came up with.