Wednesday, November 29

A Generous Winter's Picnic

Work in Progress: Stringing Gingerbread Surprise!

Our Thanksgiving break was truly just that! Not taking any work with me—no computer even—and arriving back here Tuesday morning (2:30 am) means I'm still catching up with things! So, as with last week, please check back here later to see the finalized version.

Sitting in front of the fire, Santa's been musing on how truly incredibly smart and delicious these gingersnaps are that Mrs. Claus bakes up this time every time year, helping fortify him for the long journey ahead. His trusted staff of jolly helpers can always be counted on too. If it wasn't for them, he'd surely be in such a peppermint pickle! So, why not surprise everyone with a little something completed unexpected? They love decorations after all, and while Santa's certainly generous, he's not exactly known for sharing his delicious morsels of fresh baked ginger joy. That is, until now! :) (I'm sure the reindeer will enjoy reaching down from the rooftop for some energy snaps too.)

Time now to show us how you've been generous!



  1. Santa's being so generous for sure! Nice take on your theme Michael! Can't wait to see the final version!

  2. That's a very cute scribble Michael! And a great idea :) Santa is a generous soul but yes, he'd rather eat the cookies than give them out in our stockings lol...I'll pop by later to see the finished result! I'm glad you two had a nice Thanksgiving. Computer-free is wonderful once in a while isn't it? Phones too? ;)

  3. Oh Michael, I love it. I love the look upon Santa's face. Great job.

  4. I love gingersnaps dipped in lemon curd ... your Santa has my mouth watering. I am glad you were able to keep your break a break ,,, too often we use our holiday time to do things that "need" to be done instead of what we "want" to do. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful with all the family here, but they are gone now and it is a bit lonely, but I am off to take care of my raptors this morning so all will be well. Looking forward to your finished version :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Oh I can feel the spirit of Christmas in your adorable drawing. Yes, Santa is a generous one for sure, and I think Mrs. Santa is generous with her Christmas baking....

    I will look forward to the complete edition.

    So glad you had a Thanksgiving break and enjoyed your family. We had a delightful time too...the baton was passed to my daughters, so I was given the special seat with a cuppa coffee to watch my little elves work.. haha. I did bake a Turkey Cake for the great grandchildren.

    Nice to be back in the groove.

  6. such a great thing to do, unplug and really take a break,, very wise, ,Santa's decorating is looking beautiful!!

  7. this is cute. I really like the gingerbread and stars. is it christmas already?

    have a lovely day.

  8. I really like the thought of energy snaps. That sounds so much healthier that I think I'll use that from now on when I indulge those holiday cookies. So glad you enjoyed your break and I'm looking forward to seeing Santa after he's hung all those cookies.

    1. I'm torn between "ginger joy" and "energy snaps"!

  9. He must be feeling extra generous to share those delicious cookies! It's fun how the cookies just float up to the rooftop! Looking forward to your finished version.

  10. By the way, Happy Anniversary. Loved the picture on fb. What a sweet and loving couple. Hugs. And many, many more years....

  11. Love your illustration, Michael! I enjoy the stories you put with them just as much.

    I had an idea in my head but time got away from me, unfortunately. December is always a very busy month for me topped with choir practise for a couple of Christmas performances at a major hospital. I can't believe we are in December already...YIKES!

  12. I checked and my comment moderation is on ... did you try again?

    Andrea @ From the Sol