Wednesday, March 21

Did anyone bring the cream?

I wonder how many of you chose to focus on creams, as in those one can pour vs. the ones found in a colour palette? Having played a few rounds of chess this last week (all but one I lost), I've been thinking about just how dynamic this game is and equally how unpredictable it can be! My hope here was to experiment with creating a sort of mash up of Picasso line work and loose painting blocky panting styles of Matisse and maybe a little Cezanne thrown in as well? Not sure I really accomplished this (certainly not as beautifully)  but it was a good exercise in pushing my artistic comfort zone's boundaries! I did things never done before, for sure.

As for the creams, I was reflecting back on some of the cheap plastic school chess sets we would use when too sick or injured to play sports mid-week. Not only were they cheap and plastic, I always wondered why they coudn't have been black and white instead of combination of browns and creams for the chess pieces themselves as well as the checkerboard's hues.

Well, haha, enough on my piece, time to see what other possibly delicious offerings you might have prepared for us today for this week's Scribble Picnic. Table cream anyone? :)



  1. This is a wonderful chess inspired piece, the creams are beautiful, you know so much about art.

  2. My father taught me to play chess at a young age, but I haven't sat down a a chess board in so many years, I am not sure I could remember how to play. Maybe it is like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget. I do remember though that my board was black and red ... probably an old checker board. So your lovely creamy, geometric version is quiet beautiful to me and I think it is awesome that your know your famous artists well enough to draw from their style. I think this is beautifully done, Micheal ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. I remember those cheap old chess sets, you captured it very well Michael! I love the style of the piece very much! Congrats on pushing the boundaries for yourself! :) It looks alive! :) I had a tough time with the theme this week, but it all came to me this morning. Next week should be fun too! :) Thanks for putting the picnic together every week! :)

  4. Yes those chess sets are a creamy plastic color.
    Your piece is dynamic with all its strong shapes, nice to look at.

  5. See, now if you hadn't said they were plastic, one might have thought they were made from ivory and a family heirloom. Of course, ivory would be out of the question in this day and age, but a nice creamy marble..... In any case, this is a wonderful take on your theme that I hadn't thought about. I wasn't quite sure where we were going with this, so I'm looking forward to see what everyone came up with. Thanks for helping to stretch our brain muscles as well as our artistic ones.

  6. This is so cool Michael. Being that my mind only thought of "food" as the first thing, that's where I ended up. I am a lover of cream.
    I did remember one time my girls going through my closet and telling me my wardrobe was boring....cream, beige, cream, white, cream....So I added some color. HaHa.

  7. def see the Cezanne influence :)

    i've tried playing chess but not a fan, give me card games and i'm good tho :)

  8. Your chess pieces could have been carved out of a nice, creamy wood.
    I sure do remember the plastic chess pieces, though I never did really get the hang of playing the game.

  9. Hello Michael McVean. I've been trying to figure out how to join your weekly challenge. I looked at the directions, and got stumped as early as trying to paste the icon in the sidebar. I have a blogger blog and a mac. Anyway I love the rich warmth of your cream colors in this piece. Best,