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Thursday, April 12

Pajamas and Picnics

Mummies in Pajammies

Welcome back to Scribble Picnic! Yes, my piece is coming along but am running behind. I'll have it up though by end of day. There's still a fair bit of detail yet to add even though it's already drawn out (as you might have seen if following my Instagram video stories). It's also a bit tongue-in-cheek, so do please check back here later, whilst too discovering who else contributes to our flanneled feast today! :) For my part, I'm thinking pajamas & banana splits. Anyone with me?

P.S. Don't forget that you have two whole weeks to come up with something for Quilts! Ha, I've already an idea but will likely not get to that until after my return from Kentucky, having visited by that point Alexandra who's been there helping her family and such.


  1. Thanks to Alexandra for signing us up!

  2. Oh thank you Alexandra :) I didn't even notice I was there twice! :)
    Now Michael, get out of those pj's and get that scribble up! ;)

  3. No worries, Michael...these things happen. Sometimes, life gets in the way even with the best of intentions. Rest those eyes and give yourself a break. Thanks, Alexandra for adding our links.

  4. That was so thoughtful of Alexandra to sign us all up...and Rain,.. I enjoyed you twice...haha.

    You are one busy man...and we all appreciate your time and effort with us...so no worries....no rush....we're not going anywhere...will be here when you return wrapped in your quilt..haha.

  5. Cute little mummy in pyjamas! Enjoy your trip!

  6. How do you manage to make something like a mummy so cute! And what, pray tell, is in his pocket?

  7. I'm with you Mummy....but can I wear my nightgown.

    This is one mummy I could hug. Delightful Michael.

  8. That is my favourite scribble of yours to date!! I do love that little fella! :)


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