Monday, August 7

Queue up for Bear's Bare Cuts!

Voila. Here's the completed coloured version for my bead curtains rendition submitted for last week's Scribble Picnic! Phew, this took ages but I'm happy to have taken the time to get it right so that the lights and darks help draw you into this lil world of fuzzy creature comforts! Even a hedgehog needs a trim now and then and Suzy Hedgie's quite chuffed by hers, let me tell you! I'm still not sure what lil' Battie's doing up there (just hanging out, I suppose?) but will leave that to your imagination.


  1. Oh wow, you've done a fabulous job colouring it in Michael, you sketch has come to life!

    1. Thank you so much for checking it out, Christine. It took ages!

  2. This is SO darling, Mooks. I love EVERYTHING about it. Too cute. Well done and so happy you finished coloring it in. :)

  3. the colouring looks great :)
    everyone needs to be pampered everyone and awhile, human or animal. a spa day sounds good right about now lol

  4. Michael,
    I love the choice of colours. And your detail is amazing. So much to look at. And little bat is cute swinging up there wishing he could be next.

  5. What a difference color glad we are given vision to see all the wonderful colors in this delightful story. Great job Michael. Love it.

  6. This is entirely charming Michael.
    Love all the characters and the beaded curtains are so fun. Such a fun idea. I hear that you can smell a bear coming before you see it. Which makes me think at least a shampoo would do them good.