Thursday, March 23

Planning for Scribble Picnic's Giveaway #2!

It's been a whole month since the very first Scribble Picnic giveaway that Serena won. So, as promised, it's time for another! This 52-week planner is beautifully designed and would make a great gift if you didn't want it for yourself. However, just think of all the creative inspirations you could come up with using such an inspiring book. :)

Anyway, I hope the lil' video preview inspired you. As noted, you get 1 entry per week signed up here. So, for many of you, that's 4 entries (one per week for Cabin, Umbrella, Lantern and Fairies) — pretty good odds when considering there was a total of 40 entries. (What? That's a whopping one-in-ten chance!) Keep in mind too that there will be a few other items tossed in for fun and probably one of my blank art cards too. It will be a fun picnic basket of goodies, let me assure you!

I'm not picking the winner today but have all your names written down the correct number of times and am ready to go. For this go around, I'm actually going have a slip of paper for each entry, throwing them into a bowl and having Alexandra blind pick out the winner, filming it too. That way, you can watch the video, build the suspense with us and find out who won! I'll post this Sunday, along with a photo of some other items included.

In the meantime, thanks for your involvement; for promoting this art cooperative and for visiting each other too. (I love reading some of your lovely comments to one another as much as the accompanying posts to your own creations.) 

OK, until then, Happy Scribble Picknicking! Our next picnic is on a BOAT, so to speak! And, if you haven't noticed, the new themes for the next several weeks are up on the sidebar already, in case you want to plan ahead. Thanks again.



  1. I love your giveaways. They are always so special and I know how much Serena loved hers as she posted it on her blog.
    Looking forward to boats...several ideas are "floating" around in my mind.....gotta narrow in on one. Like the new themes...

  2. I hope you win again too, Wanda, as I'd love to customize something for you and your hubs. :) Thank you.

  3. At long last I hear you Michael, really HEAR you! After so many years of being faraway online friends it's so good to hear your charming voice. I have to say you have kept your accent better than I have - but then I've been here much longer, haha!

    Looks like a lovely giveaway - very useful item for our busy lives - will enjoy seeing you and Alexandra pick the lucky winner.

    Like the new themes coming up and hope to participate in all. I'll then be away first couple of weeks in May, on a boat no less, with perhaps no way to complete and send in entries for a while!

    Enjoyed this 'fairy week', some lovely art to enjoy.
    Hope you two have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. You know, Mary, often peeps hear me and notice nothing my or maybe think there's slight aussie in the mix. Haha. Depends on how one hears things and what words are being used or if tired etc. speaking of years, I just met this man who is same age as my mother- about to turn 87-- from London suburbs originally. He moved away in 1952, born in 1930 and moved to Canada. Winnipeg area, then to Wisconsin for 10 years. After that he and his wife lived in Maui for over 30 years, moving next to Fort Collins to be near his 6 children. Like my mother, his short term memory escapes him. On top of that he's mourning his wife's death after 62 years of marriage, poor man. All that to say that when I met him yesterday, I was stunned at just how thick his accent remained! Not only the pronunciation on most words but more so, the intonation and lily that most of us lose here as we get trained to speak very flatfly, especially as men! Funnies of all, he dressed like he had just come don't the 50s with his suspenders/braces on and such. Too funny. My heart went out to him, must say, and kept thinking just how well he and my mother would have got along. We plan to bring tea over to him. In fact, I hope to do a blog post on this wonderful old gent. His formulating years, like you, have never left his inner nature. 😀

    2. Oh and Mary, it would be fun if you won as I'd love collecting items especially for you that I think you might enjoy. Would be hard though as I suspect you have everything you could need. On your trip, do take lots of photos per usual and look ahead at the themes with that in mind. You may well be able to use some for your artistic renderings! 😀

  4. It was a treat to hear your proper English accent Michael! Thanks for running this wonderful new giveaway!

    1. Christine, have u ever won one of the old CT ones at some point? I feel like you did but can't recall now. Haha. It's funny but for so many years I was so horridly self conscious of my voice as my wife then would make fun of it rather as snooty or affected or such which I don't of course want to project ever!. Weirdly, now I feel more like my true self and maybe being in England again, helped allow me to relax a bit perhaps? I don't know. Lol. Most of the time I thought nknppl can tell I am from somewhere but nobody's exactly where. I've heard Australia due to the twang on words and even the south! Too funny. I like to joke and tell cashiers I am from Rhodesia and let them figure itbout, leaving them puzzled as of course most have never even heard of that former name for Zimbabwe as it was called back then. Hahahah.

      Best of luck to you on the giveaway!

  5. Michael
    What a perfect gift for organizing inspirerers. I loved hearing your voice. My dad emigrated to Canada in 1920 at the age of 10 from northern Irekand. He never had an accent but my aunt, and my grandma and grandpa did. Loved it. The terms too. My dear. Sweet one. Wee foocey. Miss it all. Some day I really want to go back where he was born. That would be very inspiring.
    Thx again.
    Great to be challenged every week. Stay tuned for news about new book for caregivers and those with dementia. Almost uploaded. Pictures weren't high enough definition. I did the art.

    1. Will do, Janis, and the booksounds interesting.

      OK, that's it, I'm off to call Alex my "Wee foocey" and see how she takes that. hahaha. Never heard that before.