Wednesday, March 8

Scribble Picnic: Umbrella

Popping Our for Lunch

For this Scribble Picnic, I decided to just leave it as a sketch...from my sketchbook. :) Can you see the umbrella? That sneaky lil' worm. Clever thing.

Well, OK, I had to rush this Tuesday night, after a long day of work, as time was ticking down and the sign up (below) needs to go up as well. Time now to see what each of you did for this theme. Can't wait!

Oh, and I might colour this illo' in later, we'll see. Ideas are certainly afoot. :)



  1. Hehe, that sneaky little worm. Very funny and very clever Michael. A lovely whimsical sketch. I see that spotted umbrellas are the order of the day too!

  2. I love your illustration, Michael! As you already know, I didn't spot the umbrella right away so he is indeed a sneaky lil' worm. hehe I had so much fun with this week's theme. Thanks for hosting it. :)

  3. What a cute idea that is sneaky indeed! Sometimes the quick sketches are the best!

  4. Perfect theme for today here as we're having rain at last! I'll be heading out with a boring black umbrella - but would much prefer a jolly looking spotted one!
    Love your sneaky worm Michael - there should be plenty popping up here today now damp, perhaps the robins will show up later for a meal.

    Looking forward to seeing all the entries at our 'picnic' today.
    Mary -

  5. Michael,
    When I saw this on Facebook on my phone I thought you were using the mushrooms as umbrellas. I couldn't see the little worm camouflaged amongst the mushrooms. :)
    Lovely sketch and can't wait to see you colour it.
    I love your imagination!! You inspire me. Have you ever thought of giving webinar lessons?

  6. the mushrooms could be umbrellas for the worm but I like that the worm carries an umbrella anyway, my sketches never look this good, I can picture the umbrella and mushrooms as red with white dots as you often do

    have a lovely day.

  7. My thoughts on seeing this. "I thought we we were doing umbrellas. I guess the mushrooms can be umbrellas. Oh, there it is!" Love it!

  8. clever little worm indeed!

    I almost did something with mushrooms, because they are umbrellas for fairy kin.

    It is a cute cute sketch.

  9. You sneaky guy. I didn't catch it at first...I was thinking toad stool umbrella..haha. Love it, just makes me smile. This was a ton of fun! Thanks Michael.

  10. I love the little mushrooms, and how clever of the worm! Cute sketch!

  11. Ha! Trying to pull one over on that early bird! What great camouflage! Certainly made me look again. Okay, maybe again and then again.

  12. Very nice! I had to look twice to see the umbrella. Looks great. I have a piece ready, but won't be asks to post it, on the blog or Instagram within the next 6 hours.. oh well.

  13. Thank you for all your comments, everyone, taking the time to write those. I love reading them and want to reply to each -- will do tomorrow, however as it's getting late am starting to fade! :) Great job, all! So love seeing all your contributions.